How To Do Twitter Marketing

Twitter is the powerhouse of social media marketing. It has greater value in promoting your brands, company, products, services and whatever you want to promote to the users of it throughout the globe. You will be amazed after knowing the fact such as, there are 135000 users registered every day in twitter as the newbie.

There are over 58 millions of tweets are generating everyday through the registered users of twitter.There are 2.1 billions of fresh search is taking place on twitter for getting new products, services, brands every 24 hours.

Here is the process to guide you ‘how to market your products and services through twitter?

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Set up your Twitter Account :

To get optimized you need to sign up on twitter with your original name along with the url of your personal website to promote the handle of your own. In case of promoting your business you can start with your user account with @yourbusiness name. Don’t put there the keyword as for that another option to promote it.

Your name

You should insert your real name or companies name in the place of the name field as the other users can track you and can contact you through the site. Here you can put the keywords on your site apart from profile bio.

Make your profile:

To set up and change your twitter account in the profile page you have to click on the setting button there and after opening the profile page. You can upload your personal picture as your profile picture. The square image can be the best option for this profile picture. Through this profile image other user can easily recognize you on the other media also.

It is helpful for the sports people for getting recognized everywhere. Therefore you can add your bio, place and other important information that you feel necessary for you. You can here put the header image that can be the identifier of your business or products and which is overlaid with your detail information. Moreover you can upload a 2MB picture file as your background image which could be another one that will find your business or brands.

You must know the basic twitter lingo:

Hashtags: # Tags are the basic operator that will help the user to go beyond of the tweet sphere. It should not use several times unnecessarily. You can use the links to get the users to your site instead of # tags often.

Retweet: Retweet (RT) is the option for you to share the other tweets with the others. When you hover on any tweet on the site you will find the option for retweeting there.

Hat Tip: A Hat Tip (HT) is the option when someone discovers some useful links, posts, blogs which is found by him or her for the first time except the original user. Then it can be represented by HT@ username.

Trends: Trends are representing the hot topics on twitter using the keyword and #tags. It is the greatest way to get much exposure on twitter.

Via: Via is the base lingo in twitter through which you could be able to understand that there is the link from the user’s website or the user is the original author. This is the way through which the retweet button handle is crediting a tweet from a website or from a specific page.

Twitter Chat: Twitter chat is the discussion platform related to a particular #hashtags.

Mention: When someone mentions you on twitter that means your @username is being used by the user in a tweet.

Direct Message: It is the private messaging system from one user to another. You can send the direct message to them who only follows you and could receive messages from them only.

Twitter Lists: Twitter is giving you the option which allows you to create the top 500 users for private or public consumption for your purpose.

Content Optimization in Twitter:

As you know that ‘Content is King’-so it is your first responsibility to create a catchy and readable content regarding you and your business that can attract the users greatly. You can post the USP of your product or services in such a way that can easily understand by the users. You may present the content as the questioner pattern which can attract the users mostly, you can post the video presentation related to your service or products, you can post links related to your business. Quotation posting is also a great way to attract the users much time. Sharing photo and posting a suitable presentation can also attract your customers in twitter. Overall your content should be sound enough to get attracted by all the users of twitter.

Building your audience:

After creating the sound profile and content you have to build up the targeted audience with the following way:

  • You should add your official twitter follow button on your website; this could be the best way to create the sound audience for your site.
  • You can use the retweet button on your posts and invite the users to get you follow after making the tweet of your content.
  • It is the best way to create the audience by adding your twitter link in your email as the signature.
  • You should add your twitter profile link with the entire social media channel such as, Pinterest, Google Plus, LinkedIn, and Facebook as this way a great number of visitors will rush towards your website and your business will grow up instantly.
  • You can add your twitter profile link to the forum posts which is also helpful for building the audience.
  • You may add your twitter profile link to the author bio on the sites when you are doing the guest posts.

After adding your twitter links to all the aforesaid places you are required to import contacts from your Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, or the other email accounts and invite them to visit your twitter profile page. You may find out the same interested or minded people by searching them on twitter and follow them with a reverse request to follow your page also. For finding the same industry people you may get the help of by entering the keywords or the specific username there.

Engage your audience:

There are the different ways with which you can engage your clients or active users for your twitter page or for your website. By asking a question to the users you can attract most customers for your page. You may give answers to the questions that are asked by your followers and you will find that the followers are watching your page directly. These are the ways through which you can directly engage your targeted audiences for your twitter page are for your website.

Get your website near to your Twitter account:

You should make your website to get the greatest advantage by your twitter account by way of adding the following buttons on your web pages. These are like, Twitter Follow Button, Twitter Retweet Button, Twitter #hashtag Button and Twitter Mention Button on the pages of your official website to get advantage from twitter.

Advertise with Twitter:

If you want to get more privilege from the twitter you can get the advertisement service from twitter as per the following ways:

Promoted Tweets: For spreading up your special tweet massively to the several users you can promote your tweets which will be placed top of your profile page. All the media channels e.g., Presentation, videos are expanded automatically.

Promoted Accounts: To have the largest reaches to your visitors you can take the advantage of promoted accounts privilege in twitter. This will show up on the left sidebar on the twitter under the suggested follows of your targeted users.

Promoted Trends: Big budgeted products or brands can take the option of promoted trends for promoting the brands in a large scale. This will allow you to put a branded hashtag trend on the top of all the trending topics.

Analysis of the results:

To get the output for your efforts on Twitter you can take the help of Google analytics to track the visitors. You will be able to get the data that how many twitter users are converted to your website directly or how much of the twitter traffic is diverted to your website.

External Traffic generating Tools:

After your utmost efforts there in your twitter page if you are not getting the desired number of traffic to your site then you can take the advantage of the external traffic generating tools such as, Social Media Tracker Followerwonk, HootSuite, Buffer,, Nestivity, Twiter Grader, Tweet Chat and many more are there.

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