Turn Shatter to e-Juice: Facts You Need to Know Before Vaping

Shatter, honey oil, honey, and wax are all called Butane hash oil. When you turn shatter to e-juice, you consume it through vapes to get the ďhit.Ē

So why concentrate?

Turning shatter to ejuice or e-liquid is one way to consume marijuana through a special tool called vaporizers. Vaporizers or vapes are the trends in the market for users today.

The use of vapes is taken by storm due to the health concern associated with smoking marijuana. Studies found that most users turned to vape to avoid the dangers of smoking while still getting the hit they want. 

Second, concentrates like shatter are getting more popular because people are looking for products with more efficiency. Shatter is a very potent marijuana extract because it contains up to 80 percent THC. Users can get high with just a small amount of the concentrate. 

Vaping and Vapes

Vaping is credited for the popularity of concentrates. A lot of users want to avoid the harmful effects of smoking marijuana thatís why they look for a healthier option like vaping. 

Vaporizers or vapes donít need combustion, thus avoiding the carcinogenic elements that are detrimental to health. You avoid respiratory and cancer diseases linked to smoking. 

People also love vaping more than smoking because it doesnít leave a pungent smell to clothes, rooms, and furniture. Not only that, people around you may not like the smell of burning marijuana.

Using vapes gets rid of this potential problem. Vaping only produces vapor that isnít as strong as the smoke of marijuana. 

Butane Hash Oils (BHO)

BHO covers different types of cannabis concentrates including shatter, crumble and budder. BHOís are produced through the use of butane or CO2 and the marijuana plant.

In extracting solvent, the oil is removed from the plant. Butane is expelled off through the heating process. 

The resulting product is a honey-like substance that has a content of up to 80 percent THC. A normal marijuana plant contains 20 percent THC. 

To produce a shatter, agitation is avoided in the process. Shatter is a BHO that looks like a piece of glass. 

How to Use Shatter

Shatter should be heated and inhaled after it turned to e-juice. You can use a vape to consume it. Invest in a high-quality vape to ensure that it reaches the right temperature for getting the hit.

Some users use a dabbing rig, bongs or special pipes. They heat it up up to 400 degrees Celsius to inhale it. 


Shatter can cost about $40 per gram. It varies depending on the place of origin and brand. 

Effects of Shatter

Shatter when turned into e-liquid provides a strong high or hit. It is used both for medical and recreational purposes. 

A single hit can provide a very strong effect on users. The effect is instant and can last for several hours. 

New users should not experiment on shatter because they donít know how much they can take. It can lead to health problems like paranoia.

However, when taken carefully, people suffering from different conditions can get relief when consuming it. For pain sufferers, they get instant relief from pain after consuming a hit.


There are controversies concerning the use of dabs like shatter. Users love how they consume marijuana through vapes but critics are worried about its effect, potency, and how it is produced and consumed. 

The process of producing dabs is extremely dangerous. It involves butane that is highly flammable. Beginners should not prepare e-juice alone at home.

Expert manufacturers use a piece of special equipment to produce marijuana extracts. However, preparing it at home can pose danger. There are reported cases of injuries and deaths due to explosions. 

Critics are also alarmed with the use of shatter since it is a very potent concentrate. Itís nearly impossible to overdose from shatter. 

However, anyone can easily get out of control in its dosage. There are also issues about BHOs telling that it is the current ďcrackĒ of cannabis. 
If you want to try shatter, you must purchase it from a trusted source that can guide you on its preparation and consumption. Itís very critical that you know the proper dosage. Check out terpenes for sale.