Tricks On Getting People To Stay Longer On Your Shopify Store


E-commerce is changing day by day. As long as the digital world is constantly looking for new ways to become more accessible and practical, then an online store must follow suit. As an online shop owner, you’ve already created the product, the branding, the marketing campaign and the long-term goals. However, one thing you should take account of is the frequency of customer visits.

Below are some tips and tricks to keep the traffic flowing through your online store.

Be easy on the eyes

Having a sleek and clean website makes a lasting impression on users and customers. If your website is poorly designed, you might lose customers. So designing a beautiful e-commerce website should be at the top of your list. Keep it simple with appealing photographs of your products, use legible and attractive fonts, and rely on soft colored backgrounds.

Navigation is key

Make your website easily navigable so the customer can flip through more products than normal. Make your website menu understandable and convenient. The way your products are displayed is also a factor to consider; you don’t need to overcrowd your page with products. Create a balance between the pictures, text and products, and make it easier for your customers to get what they want.

Hire a helpful e-commerce service

Still new at this and confused? You can always ask for help from a company that specializes in e-commerce. The folks at Sunbowl Systems specialize in Shopify and will definitely simplify the world of e-commerce for you. They will get to know your vision and goals and will direct your project through a successful route for you and your customer.

Engage in Live Chat

Make shopping at your store more realistic with a live chat service to help your customers with all their inquiries. Shopping online has become more popular these days, but nothing beats human interaction, especially if you have a question that needs to be answered before buying a product. And that makes the user feel like they’re shopping at a real store right from their living room.

Lead them to temptation

More often than not, a user leaves items in their cart and abandons it, causing money loss any time that happens. One way to deal with this is offering hesitant shoppers specific discounts on shipping for example, or a helpful recommendation of a similar product might push them to buy. Another way of dealing with abandoned carts is with an email recovery campaign. Some companies offer appealing subject lines and additional product suggestions with the intention of bringing shoppers back to the website. Compose an email leading your customers back to what they left behind.

Be mobile friendly

The average person spends quite a lot of time on their phone, and that time can be spent browsing through your website and your products. Optimize your store and its design to be mobile friendly. That will help the user navigate easily through your store without the constant zooming in and out on pictures and buttons, or scrolling up and down too many times.

Create Content

Some e-commerce companies have driven up their sales by creating content on their website, including podcasts and blog posts to help the user’s shopping experience. Create helpful guides to your products and which to choose according to their needs or even how to use them. Actively featuring content and guides may make users spend a little more time on your website.

Anticipate their needs

There will never be an end to how much the internet will benefit and change the future of shopping. Shopify is just one of those many venues, and with a store that not only offers great products, but also knows how to keep its customers buying, you are well on your way to long-term success. Take these tips to heart, and browse your website the way a customer would. Gain that vital user experience so you can anticipate their needs in the future, and keep your store at the forefront of their buying needs!