Tramlines 2021: Heart and Soul back into Sheffield

Tramlines in Sheffield is part of a government pilot event that will see no social distancing, no masks, and a capacity crowd. Instead, festivalgoers will have to prove a negative coronavirus test or that they have been double-jabbed.

The three-day event started on Friday with one person saying it was the start of “living again”. People were “ecstatic” to be at an event again. Friends who haven’t seen each other in ages have been lovely to get together at an event again and laugh without it feeling severe. It has been a familiar feeling all around the event.

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People felt “like normal life again”, and they looked excited to be back around thousands of people. They could be heard saying that they would not say no to anything ever again. They need to live their life.

Royals Blood, The Streets, and Supergrass are headlining the inner-city festival. Among the first two bands on Stage, “Don’t Take Me Home” is being sung by the crowd. There is inevitable applause, and people are embracing each other. Tramlines’ Timm Cleasby said the festival was thankful for the council’s support to allow it to go ahead.

They’ve got to balance what we’re doing with the positives against the risks and doing it in a way that minimizes the chance for everyone.

The first day commenced with a blast as revelers could not hold their enthusiasm at going back through the gates of Hillsborough Park, ready to experience some live music for the opening time in more than a year.

There were souls of all ages, and all of them seemed as delighted as the other, smiling from ear to ear, chatting with friends, and making the most of their newfound freedom after 16 long months of lockdowns and Covid restrictions. It feels like they have some reality back finally, and it almost feels like this is a reward for all the hardships they have faced over the last year.

Fans have spoken of their joy at dancing and enjoying live music again at this year’s Tramlines Festival at Hillsborough Park in Sheffield.

It appears that nearly everyone who visited the festival was breathing a sigh of relief at being able to put on their dancing shoes, cover their faces in glitter. They embrace being close to one another while listening to some quality music and entertainment.

It feels incredible to be out again, mix with people, not have to distance, and get dressed up. It feels so lovely to be wearing makeup again and being out!

The festival has undoubtedly put the heart and soul back into Sheffield subsequent a reasonably bleak period, with laughter swelling the air down at Hillsborough – simultaneously with the much-missed fragrance of the burger vans and roadside food vendors that line the park once again.

Comedians like Shappi Khorsandi and Zoe Lyons were lifting spirits on T’other Stage in the afternoon, with Sheffield-based indie band The Rosadocs lighting up the Library Stage with their catchy sound. As people jumped around, dived into crowds, queued at the bar, and sang their hearts out, the difficulties of the last year almost seemed to fade away and be replaced by an overwhelming sense of optimism and hope.

Of course, they still have to be careful and take precautions, but this weekend is already proving. It is light at the end of the tunnel, and the people of Sheffield are indeed basking in it.

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