5 Key Traits About Instagram Every Marketer Should Know


Over 800 million people are using Instagram worldwide. As a marketer, of course, this becomes the best platform to use to make your brand known. However, if you do not understand what Instagram is all about and its key traits, you may never go beyond creating a business account with Instagram.

Well, let me tell you what these key traits every marketer should know are. First, out of all the users on Instagram, 80% follows business and are more active on weekdays than weekends. Again, a similar percentage of influencers use Instagram for collaborations of brands, and approximately 71% of American businesses are using Instagram. On the other hand, any posts that users add a location gets a higher percentage of about 79%.

1. Users Follow A Business On Instagram

Out of all the millions using Instagram, 80% follow businesses on Instagram. As a marketer, you cannot miss to get your feet on Instagram and create awareness of your brand on this social media. Not only that, but there’s an account for your business that is different from your personal account.

So, you will have all your business details in your business account so that people can reach you quickly anytime they want. According to the experts of Social 10x, Many Instagram users have admitted to having visited at least one website, bought a product, sent them an email or contacted them.

2. Influencers Prefer Instagram For Collaboration Of Brands

The first thing every business marketer should do is to find influencers on Instagram. Why? Studies show that out of all the influencers, 80% prefer using Instagram to collaborate with brands. So, following many influencers gives you as a marketer an opportunity to collaborate with many brands thus making more brand awareness.

3. An Estimated 71% Of US Businesses Use Instagram

Business owners are slowly learning about the benefits of using Instagram in business. And while this remains the case, any marketer who does not know how to make good use of Instagram features loses big time.

 Any business that is not using Instagram will definitely not make it in today’s world. You see, the ability for businesses to use new Ads on Instagram, make decisions based on the analytical data they get from Instagram as well as use significant data makes all businesses want to use this social platform. After, this is how businesses excel.

4. Posts With A Location Get More Engagement

Of course, people want products and services that are not too hard to reach or those that won’t take too long to reach to them after they buy. That is why, as a marketer, you need to add a location to your posts so that your followers get to know where they can find your products and services.

Not only that, but even users who use location to search for products will be in a better position to find your posts.

So, do not neglect the geo-tagging features on Instagram. What is worrying most is that most marketers do not use these features and that comes with poor sales of their brands.

5. Instagram Users Engage More On Weekdays

Contrary to what many of us would think, a majority of the Instagram users are active during weekdays. Of course many would believe that weekends are when this social media floods with users.

As a marketer, it is crucial to make use of weekdays because you will be able to milk the most out of the available users. That’s not all you should know as a marketer. You also should know the exact time when users are active during weekdays, right?

Well, studies show that posting at 9:00 a.m. to around 6:00 p.m. from Tuesday to Friday increases engagement of your brands.

The Verdict

The key traits of Instagram are so powerful that no other social media seems to get there any time soon; not even Facebook who now owns Instagram. What is more interesting is that Instagram is becoming more powerful each day making it even harder for other social platforms to beat it. It is, therefore, an excellent social platform for business marketers to create awareness of their brands.

Image Credits: Instagram from Josep Suria /Shutterstock