Tracking a VPN User?

VPN User

Anyone who is using a VPN service will be well aware of the need for online security and how VPN has been helping them to remain anonymous online. Yet there is a school of thought, spectacle about the tractability even through VPN. We all know that VPN provides great help in staying secure and private online. But if we can trace them, it will have a big red flag for anyone who is using the VPN. Hence, today we will explore to see if tracking a VPN user is possible and if so, then how?

Privacy and security features of VPN

  • Encryption technology

We all well aware that VPN encrypts all your data using different encryption methods which can be equivalent to Military grade encryption and all the data or traffic passes through a secure tunnel online. Decrypting encrypted traffic at the runtime will be a tough ask for a normal system.

  • Hide My IP address and location and dedicated fast servers:

They also mask your IP address and location so they cannot locate you. Now coming back to the topic, let us see how to track a VPN user. VPN’s offer huge infrastructure of remote servers for you to choose from and once you connect to any of the remote server, your real IP address and location are hidden behind the remote server’s IP address and location, which makes you anonymous online. These servers provide short cuts for your traffic to travel over the Internet, making your browsing experience faster than using the Internet without VPN.

VPN features includes;

  1. NAT-Firewall Protection
  2. Ad-Blocker
  3. Public Wi-Fi security
  4. Malware Protection
  5. Data packet inspection
  6. 24/7 customer support
  7. Fast and Reliable Servers
  8. Global accessibility of content
  9. Intrusion Prevention System
  10. Intrusion Detection System

VPN’s Credibility- Free VPN vs Premium VPN’s.

DNS Leaks:

DNS leak is one way to check the credibility of a VPN and the possibility of tracking a VPN user. On a substandard or free VPN, you will face distortion in the VPN service. This distortion might just be for a few seconds, but this will enable you to give out your correct location for that split second. This split second will be enough for websites and hackers to trace your location and then try to access your connection.

But Premium paid VPN providers such as CASVPN or ExpressVPN test on a daily basis to make sure DNS-Leak test results are always Zero and they have a feature protecting against DNS leaks to ensure there is no mishap, it doesn’t translate into you losing your anonymity.

Internet Service Provider:

It is normal to think, the one providing you internet access might catch up on you using the VPN. It is true to an extent. Sometimes, they might see you are using a VPN connection but they won’t be able to access your data or see what you are doing online.

This becomes even harder if you are using a Premium VPN service. They will ensure that not even your internet service provider can see what you traffic are you transmitting over the internet.

VPN storing information:

This is one of the major downfalls of using a free VPN product. Even though they are protecting you online, they are also bundling your data and selling it to third parties. The way to prevent this action of theirs, is by using a paid VPN with a strong privacy policy.

With paid VPN services, they assure you with no log policies. This means that VPN will only know when your login to use VPN and when you log out, just making sure that you are not suffering from any problems while connecting. Most major VPN providers also clarify this in their privacy policies.

Internet Kill Switch:

Internet Kill switch is another way if not implemented by VPN in its system that can be a problem as when VPN stops working but internet is still working then your real IP address and location will once again be visible to the world which was replaced by the VPN Server IP address and location, this is a problem and we cannot rely on free VPN’s with it.

Premium VPN’s like CASVPN has strong internet kill switch feature built into their app, if your VPN somehow stops working internet kill switch will deactivate your internet service until your VPN connection is established again to ensure you remain anonymous all the time.


It is impossible to create a security product that cannot be breached. But with a VPN the effort required will be doubled or even more before someone bypasses it. It is huge compared to the installation cost of a VPN. It is a great product designed to ensure you are protected online, but also becomes very unfeasible for hackers to target you.

Image credit: VPN User via Jirsak/Shutterstock