Trace Network Labs launches Buddy in the Metaverse

Trace Network Labs has established Buddy, the first-ever project that concentrates on creating natural-looking avatars in the Metaverse. Buddy is a human-looking avatar handling a complete likeness to the users’ physical characteristics.

Buddy, a human-looking avatar, bears a complete likeness to the users’ physical attributes. Buddy is the first-ever project that concentrates on creating natural-looking avatars in the Metaverse.

Users can stamp these digital avatars on Polygon Blockchain. The company has leveraged Polygon as it reaches zero ‘gas fee.’ The gas fee is the transaction fee needed on a blockchain to validate a transaction, in this case, constructing an avatar.

During the event, users were authorized to create their avatars using a simple front-facing photo of the users or a simple selfie. Then, using this image and AI, the avatar is rendered as a 3D model, stored on Blockchain in the state of an NFT so that users can hold it and retain it forever.

Once avatars are transformed into NFT and owned by the users, the avatar-making company disbands its involvement with their data and content. However, as more and more metaverses and assignments will emerge and incorporate into our Avatar framework, it will keep on extending various experiences for users.

“With the launch of Buddy, we are entrusting the residents of metaverses to assemble fashionable, real-looking, human-like digital avatars; after all, what you glimpse like and sport defines you, your lifestyle, and shapes your personality as well.

These NFT-based avatars will also become the common digital identity that can haul the avatar to any metaverse. So, you don’t require multiple IDs for multiple metaverses,” Sunil Arora, co-founder of Trace Network Labs, expressed, telling on the launch occasion.

“We plan to onboard a billion users in the next five years as this will be key to allowing creators to build digital life adventures for the meta-population,” he added. In addition, the company states that Buddy delivers a remarkable experience for metaverse users approximated to what is available currently. “Contemporary metaverse avatars are cartoon-looking and do not illustrate any characteristics of their physical counterparts.

However, Buddy will permit people to create their authentic human-like looking digital self, concluded with the ability to invigorate freely and do various things,” the company noted.

Many of the avatars in various metaverses now remain Metaverse, Blockchain, or game-bound. It means that these avatars are useless outside of the universes in which they were created since they cannot participate in other metaverses. The company argues that Buddy avatars do not have this problem, as anyone with a Buddy avatar can reposition from one Metaverse to the other.

“Having real-looking avatars can thoroughly impact the lives of a user. For example, think of someone who has lost a loved one. They can preserve the recollections of their loved ones in a real-looking avatar which the user can then interact with inside the Metaverse, providing a therapeutic experience for the user,” said Lokesh Rao, CEO of Trace Network Labs.