Top 10 reasons why a SMS tracker app works wonders for smart phones

I am sure parents to children above the age of 10 would agree that the worst nightmare and the source of the nightmare are their children with mobile phones and smart phones.

But have you parents thought why does this situation arise?

Because mostly as parents we want to make sure about the safety of our children and don’t want them to fall prey to the various internet predators lurking out there.

If you are such a parent then you also need to become tech savvy like your children and take the help of various sms tracker app available in the virtual market which help you to keep a track on the use of the target phones on which this app is installed.


  1. Know the sms tracker app?Sms tracker app is software or a tool that is can be remotely installed on the target device. As soon as the app loads it is ready for use. This app monitors the use of the target device for the incoming and outgoing messages.
  2. Not only those but some sms tracker tools can also help monitor the complete activities on the target phone like the incoming and outgoing calls, check on the browser history and social networking sites and put up restrictions to sites unsuitable for children etc.
  3. Setting up sms tracker is easier than deciding on the right sms tracker app for your android and IOS phones. Following here we bring about a comparative study of different sms tracker apps to decide upon the best app for your smart phone:
  4. Highster Mobile: Considered the best sms tracker app it is the most favourable among the other entire sms tracker. This app is extremely easy to use and does not need to be configured on the target phone. All there is to do is to install a tracking app that is hidden on the device you want to monitor and within a few minutes which it takes for the total setup, you are good to go.
  5. The app is most suited to parents to teenagers and employers who want to keep an eye on the employers and the use of their smart phones. This app charges a onetime fee of $69.99 which includes the regular updates also.
  6. Flexispy- the best sms tracker for iPhone: Flexispy is the most advanced sms tracker for iPhone and hence a favorite among iPhone users. And reasonably so as it is super easy to install and available with power packed features and 24/7 online support and most of all is its compatibility with nearly all phones like android, IOS, Apple, iPad etc.
  7. This app is also available on a free demo basis. After trying and falling in love with the app you can buy it at a premium rate of $149 per yr and $349 per year for the extreme version.
  8. mSpy: If you are looking for an app that can work without jailbreaking but can still spy on an IOS device then mSpy is the app for you. mSpy gives you the freedom from downloading on the android phone and jailbreaking an IOS device.
  9. To spy on a target device with mSpy app all you need to have is the iCloud information of the device i.e the Login id and the password and to see to it that the iCloud backup is turned on and then it is as easy as eating a pie.
  10. The best part about this app is that it is completely undetectable so the user does not have to worry about being exposed for spying. It comes in a free online demo form and if you like it you can order one of the three packages which cost from $30 to $200.