Top Tips for Hosting Independent Wrestling Events

Wrestling Events

If you run your own wrestling promotion and have a strong ambition to become the next WWE or AEW, then this guide is for you. Here, you can discover some top tips for hosting future wrestling events; from how to sell more tickets to the best ways to protect people in the crowd.

Professional wrestling is still extremely popular.  Although many skeptics believe that pro wrestling peaked in the 90s, the sport has gone from strength to strength, attracting countless new fans yearly.

The independent circuit is booming because there’s still a big demand for wrestling. All around the world, there are lots of exciting independently owned promotions that (despite being smaller than the likes of AEW) continuously experience packed-out crowds.

So, if you’re the owner of an independent wrestling promotion, you can use these top tips to boost your future wrestling events. Whether you’re exclusively based in one city or regularly take your roster out on international tours, you’ll find them to be very helpful.

Use Crowd Control Barriers

One of the most important factors at any wrestling event is crowd control. Wrestling fans are known for their passion, which is great. However, sometimes fans can get a little too excited and decide to start causing problems, such as attempting to enter the ring when a match is going on. When this happens, it makes you (the promotion) look unprofessional.

This is why you need to use crowd control barriers from otwsafety.com for all your future wrestling events. With these plastic barricades in place, nobody from the crowd will be able to interrupt matches while they’re taking place. Plus, plastic crowd control barricades also help to ensure the safety of people in the crowd, as your wrestlers won’t have to worry about accidentally falling into the crowd or catching someone with their arms.

Sell Merchandise

During your wrestling event, there’s going to be breaks in between matches. Therefore, you have a prime opportunity to sell merchandise to fans while they wait for the action to resume. Whether you have one or multiple merch stands, make sure they’re easy to access and positioned closely to where the fans are sitting. Remember, wrestling fans love to buy merch, so don’t miss out on potential profits and the chance to grow your brand name.  

Promote Your Events Using Social Media

If you have a big wrestling event coming up with a jam-packed card, make sure you use social media to promote it. From Facebook to Twitter (now known as ‘X’), make sure you cover all the major platforms for maximum coverage.

Let’s say that you’re hosting a wrestling event in Miami. Post about it in Miami Facebook groups to sell more tickets — you get the idea. It’s all about relevant marketing and reaching your target audience.

Spread the Word on the Street

In the day leading up to any of your events, you should get out in the street and hand out promotional flyers that list the event location, ticket prices, and matches that people can look forward to. This is still an effective marketing tool that most small wrestling promotions use so that they can pack out crowds and sell as many tickets as possible.