Top Tips for a Great Business Website

Great Business Website

These days, it’s almost impossible to be successful in a new business without a great website. Not only does your site function as a great advert for your services, but it’s also a great one-stop shop for customers who are just looking to find out more of what you do.

Without a set of web design skills, it can be hard to know where to start. The tips below will help you. Try Houston Web Design Services for more.

Keep it simple.

There’s a fine balance between simple and boring. Keep your web design straightforward but beautiful, as a design that’s too complicated can be overwhelming for the user, and can mean they struggle to find the information they need. Making things easy to find with a sleek presentation is much more likely to result in a sale.

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You should also keep the design elements of your site simple. Create something that reflects your brand, but doesn’t repel the viewer with ugly color combinations or difficult-to-read fonts. You should also avoid using off-the-shelf templates when you can, as no one wants a site that thousands of other businesses also have.

Stay on top (of search rankings).

It’s essential that Google can index your site effectively, so keeping it clean and uncluttered is the way to go. Make sure the sitemap is well-organized, and that you don’t have any dead URLs going to pages that either aren’t there or don’t work. Ask your web designer or agency to include a quote for at least basic SEO to get you started.

Go mobile.

Google now indexes the mobile version of your site before the desktop version, so a mobile-responsive website is an absolute must. Making sure images and menus resize and can be accessed isn’t enough. You have to make sure your entire user experience design is mobile-focused.

Follow the leads.

One of the most important things a website needs to do is to capture as many inbound leads as possible. Most people who are visiting your website for the first time won’t make a purchase right away. They’ll look around and make sure yours is the best deal first. Making sure you can capture customer data, even when visits don’t result in a purchase, will help you stay in your customers’ minds by allowing you to inform them of dates, offers, and new products.

Be useful.

Products aren’t the only useful information your customers want to find on your website. They also want to know how to contact you, what your business is all about, and the opening hours of any stores or offices. You should make your contact details visible on every page, and create a ‘contact’ page that includes additional information, such as maps and opening hours.

Content, content, content.

Your content has to be relevant, and it has to be up to date. This plays a significant role in helping with site indexing and also helps build a relationship of trust between you and your customer, as they know you’re a competent authority on your products and services.

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