Top Questions You Need to Ask about VHS to DVD Converters

VHS to DVD Converters

Are you one of the baby boomers still trying to hang on to the box of VHS tapes lying in the attic? If so, what you need is a VHS to DVD converter that’ll help you save your fond memories for posterity.

Why Convert VHS to DVD?

It could be reruns of the nostalgic TV show or private family memories that are dear to you. What’s more? DVDs don’t take too much space, so that you can store thousands of DVDs with unforgettable memories in a small space.

Once you’ve transferred the content from VHS to DVD, you can transfer the videos to your desktop, laptop, or if you have a cloud account, you can store it there, as well. That way, the memories remain there for your grand and great-grandkids to watch and enjoy.

Is It As Challenging As You Imagined?

Most people shun the idea, thinking it is too technical and confusing for them to follow and understand. More so for baby-boomers who are just getting to understand technology.  Transferring your old VHS tapes onto DVDs is no longer as challenging as you imagined, thanks to the many options available that make this a cake-walk.

Is There More To It Than The Machine?

However, before you make the final decision to purchase a VHS to DVD converter, there are many things you need to ponder over.  Software, being an essential component of such a converter, you need to decide what type of software you want.

Some converters come with built-in software, which makes it appear to be ridiculously easy. However, the software may have some limitations the manufacturer may not highlight in the sales pitch.

Does It Have More Features?

It would be best if you went for software that has additional features. You may want software that lets you edit your videos to help you delete portions you think don’t make sense. If you have recorded TV soap-operas, there’s bound to be too many commercials at frequent intervals.

How would you like software that can remove only such commercials? Sounds too good to be true? Check out some of these VHS to DVD converters to learn more about such features. You may want to delete some unwanted portions in your favorite family videos too.

Can You Convert Content with Copy Protection Features?

It depends on the particular VHS tape you have in mind. If copy protection features exist, transferring video content is too challenging. In such cases, you’ll have to spend more time and money shopping for a converter that can override such protections, allowing you to back up your favorite shows. However, no worries if it is a run-of-the-mill show or program, which doesn’t call for a converter with such unique features.

Do VHS to DVD Converters Have Built-In VCRs?

Most ordinary converters do not have this feature, and you need to borrow or buy a VCR to play the tapes. However, most converters are designed to work with any device using RCA cables, though you need to check out some exceptions for each product.

Since VCRs are almost obsolete, finding one at a throwaway price at a clearance or garage sale should be easy if you search hard enough.

Do You Need to Work With a DVD Burner?

Some people prefer to skip the jump to DVD entirely; if you are one such person, check out this converter, which is right down your alley. The VHS to DVD converter enables you to convert RCA inputs into digital with ultimate ease, and you don’t need to use a computer to convert the inputs.

You can record your video directly to an SD card or USB stick, forget working with a DVD burner and go digital directly. Besides converting VHS tapes, you can use this converter to convert cassette tapes, DVDs, DVRs, and also work on retro gaming systems, and more.

There’s a preview screen included, which lets you monitor your video quality while recording. The easy-to-use menu includes features like pause, rewind, increase volume, and more. The auto shut-off feature stops recording at set intervals, allowing you to record only as much as your memory space capacity.

Can I Convert from any Analog Source?

There are a few converters that let you transfer video and audio from any analog source. Not only can this converter capture VHS, Hi8, DVD, or TV inputs, it also lets you work with devices running on Mac or Windows. This converter is what you need if you have a treasure-trove of oldies because it can convert LPs and cassettes to CD and MP3 format, and you can have your entire classic collection converted to digital.

Summing it Up

A VHS to DVD converter is a boon for people looking to convert their favorite memories to digital. While they are easy to operate, they don’t cost too much considering the volume of content converted.