Top project management software

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Managing a project often comes along with the need to organize tasks and team work. Project management software can make it much easier.

Implementing project management methodologies also implies having a certain tool or a whole work environment which helps to adjust and organize the processes. Therefore multiple project management tools and programs originated with the aim to help both project managers and team members work on achieving common goals.

Choosing project management software is not a simple process. You have to be sure in your choice so that you don’t waste the money on something which only makes the whole process worse. So choosing the right tool it is best to evaluate different options and pay attention to each advantage and disadvantage. Some advice on choosing the best project management software includes:

  • Setting the needs and goals. That means that each work environment has its own demands: some are only looking for a space where the tasks can be organized, others are in need of communication tools because of remote workers. There are also projects which haven’t yet implemented any organization tools so a comprehensive work environment will be appreciated greatly;
  • Starting with the simplest. The more complicated the tool and its interface is the more difficult it is for the workers to get used to it and start using daily. If you are acknowledged that your team is already familiar with project management basics and has used some of the tools, the choice is not so restricted. But for beginner teams it is better to start with the simplest tools;
  • Testing different options. You can’t tell from the description if this or that tool will suit your processes perfectly, such things can only be found in real testing. So start with trial versions and see how the software aligns with the work of your team and if you find out it causes no issues you can be sure to pay for the full version. But if something doesn’t go right don’t be afraid to switch;
  • Looking for reviews. It might be your acquaintance project manager or a forum in the internet, but if you find some information from the people who have already used the software you are planning to implement it might be much easier to understand it beforehand.

Take your time to find the best project management software and be sure it will make your work much easier. And we suggest several options you might try:

  • Bitrix24. This is just the perfect choice for those who are in need of a comprehensive work environment. All the tools necessary for successful work can be found on the platform: starting from simple to-do lists and up to tracking progress and creating reports. It is also convenient for communication which can be helpful in projects where members are located across the globe. File storage, messengers, charts and lists – all of these are available with Bitrix24;
  • Asana. If you are looking for a tool with the simplest interface which has no distractions but which still has great project management potential we definitely advise you to try Asana. Task management here is extremely convenient, but apart from that other features, such as digital storages, chats and reviews are available;
  • Wrike. Real time activity stream is often one of the most important traits project managers are looking for as every person involved into the project has to be aware of everything that is going on. Wrike makes it possible, but also allows to communicate and collaborate inside of the team;
  • ClickUp. The most convenient system for task and project management is drag-and-drop and this can be used while creating project plans with ClickUp. Managers can vary task structure, assign particular workers to certain tasks as well as generally increase communication between workers.