Top Online Payment Solutions Of All Time

We are living in the 21st century and become more and more tech-savvy. Everything has gone online be it shopping, booking movie tickets, booking concert tickets and to the extent to paying utility bills online. People are going cashless and are functioning more and more with their online wallets. After all, you do not have to keep a wallet and cash with yourself all the time. You can pay with just click of the phone.

You will be glad to know that there are not just one but many options when it comes to online payments. There are so many online payment options like PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, and Google wallet available today.

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∑        Skrill 

Skrill is a great payment online payment, formerly named Moneybookers. Skrill makes it to this list because of its user-friendly features such as free-setup, less fees and the best part is that you can send a text message directly from your account.

One of the most beneficial features for which it is used mostly is that you can easily and very instantly transfer your bank account balance onto the prepaid debit card with just one click.

∑† † † ††2checkout†

2checkout is a payment processor along with a combination of the merchant account to accept credit card and PayPal payments. For this online payment processor, you do not require any gateway. All you have to do is simply register and verify your account and there, you can start accepting payments. The best part about 2Checkout is that shop around and make international payments. What more you should be asking for?

∑        WePay 

What makes WePay different and unique is that with itís help you can easily accept bank account and credit card payments. So, if you are a merchant and own an e-commerce site and you must give wePay a try. You can start accepting payments in just a matter of minutes. 

However, there is only one con attached to WePay and that is it is only available to US-citizens.

You can also use Bitcoin for payments and shopping. People are buying real estate, cars and other goods with Bitcoin. To earn bitcoin easily you can click the given below image and start earning today with immediate bitcoin. 

∑        Google Wallet 

Google wallet is just an alternative a PayPal. You can easily send and receive money through Google wallet. Not just that, Google has also launched the physical cards for the users, so that the user can even utilize Google wallet at the retail business. So, now not only Google is a search engine but a wallet for easy online transactions

∑        Paypal

I am sure that PayPal is no stranger to you. I wonít be surprised if you are using one. Paypal is one of the most used online payment processing apps. It processes some 8 million payments almost every day. There are as many as 137 million active accounts of PayPal as of now. Amazing parts is that you can even accept checks by scanning through the camera of the Smartphone. It makes it easy for the customers to purchase without leaving the site.

∑        ACH Payments 

ACH payments have made it to this list because of it being a fabulous multi-tasker. First, it easily makes as one of the finest global payment systems and it allows serves as a payment gateway for merchantís account, credit card processor and as a mobile payment processor. ACH Payments are also beneficial for the payroll system.

So, these are some of the top-rated online payment systems of all time. This has made our life easier and helps in making fast payment processing so that you are not left behind in this fast-changing world.

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