Top New Features of Windows 10

Windows 10

A big announcement was recently made in New York City. Microsoft revealed that a new update for the Windows 10 would be released in October. 2018. Itís easy to see why this announcement sent shock waves throughout the computing industry. Itís really not hard to find someone to tell you that Windows 10 is solid, but many people have been looking forward to getting a new update.

Users with the automatic update began receiving the new rollout on August 9, but you now get it now via on-demand. This is great news for loyal Microsoft followers that used the Windows personal computer software over the years.

Itís important to mention that some Windows insiders have been testing this update for several weeks. You can clearly see that Microsoft has made some improvements. Letís take a close look at the top new features of Windows 10.

Cloud Clipboard

Are you a big fan of the cloud clipboard? If so, you should be delighted in knowing that Microsoft has revamped the clipboard. You are now able to get access to items that you copied in the past. Itís fair to assume that Microsoft listened to customers that complained about being unable to pull up important items they worked on in the past. With the new update, you can get access to the full list of copied items using Windows Key-V. Itís important to mention that syncing the clipboard to android phones will be available in a future update.

New Play for Your Phone App

This is probably the most attractive feature of the new Windows 10 update. Please keep in mind that this new update is strictly for Android users at this time. Microsoft hopes they will be able to offer this update to iPhone users in the near future.

What can you expect from this update? You will be able to see pictures shot with your phone, and you will be able to drop them into the Windows app via Your Phone App. You will also be able to send text messages in the PC App. Finally, you will be able to see your timeline on the phone. As you are beginning to see, the new Windows 10 update is offering many features that are hard for anyone to turn down.

Improved Screen Capture Utility

Taking screen shots is a big deal for many PC users. Microsoft sees no reason why their software users should not be able to take screenshots with ease. The Windows October 2018 update allows you to take screenshots with the press of a button (Print Screen Key). Your screen capture will show up in the clipboard history list. It canít get any easier than that!

Would you like to edit your photos like professional? You should check out Snapseed for the personal computer. If you look at this web app, you will be convinced that it compliments the new Windows 10 update with ease.

Search Panel from Start Button

Microsoft redesigned the Cortana search button. Itís more visible, and it shows detailed information on your search history. Whether its personal documents or web results, you will not have any trouble in zooming in on the things you are looking for.

Microsoft is no stranger to making big announcements about upcoming software releases. The stage was set when they told the world that a new Windows 10 update would be released on October 2018. The new update has many improvements that will make loyal Windows users blush. Itís reasonable to say that the new update will raise the bar for PC software.

Image Credits: Windows from NakoPhotography/Shutterstock