Top Golf Courses That Offer Upscale Equipment


Other than being in an open field enjoying the nature, the fresh air, and walking around, golf is considered to be a networking activity. Everyone can compete against each other with the goal to shoot exceptional shots. This venue for conducting business proved its effectiveness and remained popular amongst many groups of people. We have all heard of many “deals got sealed” on a golf course. Everyone loves showing off their best swings, however, without the best equipment, you will not get the best results.

So, what golf courses would have the best equipment that could emphasize your playing technique?

Golf Pass

This golf course is exclusive with a must-have membership to enjoy the field. However, they offer a 7-day trial for new members to try and see for themselves. They provide you with a variety of the best golf balls available, TaylorMade, and monthly tee time credit. Also, the membership offers more than 400 hours of mentorship with the best trainers, and it includes best coaching plans from the pros. Golfpass offers traveling to many great golf courses around the world.

5 Under

This golf center offers a lot of services to their students such as excellent instructors with PGA and LPGA awards. The great facilities continue with the great equipment provided to their players. The facility provides 2 different golf courses; one is virtual that requires no travelling, TopGolf Swing Suite; TopTracer Range, which was made to be suitable for both the casual golfer from beginner to intermediate experience and the professional golfer.

Pebble Beach

This golf course has made it to the top of the best U.S golf courses since 2003. It is not only a course, but rather a resort the offers the whole experience, it offers the opportunity for a great vacation. Spas or drinking while watching the sunset in the view of the wide gold course surely seems like a dream or a great way to get inspired. The Pebble Beach resort also offers the best equipment available out there to their residents just to complete the whole experience.

While many think that golf is a club-and-ball only game, somehow it is, however, the equipment list you need, goes longer than that. Golf gloves are a necessity to protect your hands while doing amazing swings. Also, golf gloves help you perform better even when you have sweaty hands, you will have a firm grip around the club. Golf Shoes also gives the same benefit along with the comfort due to its suitability for the field. Golf bags, on the other hand, don’t need to be complicated or the model of the year, it simply needs to do its job of holding your golf clubs. Clubs are a bit complicated with their many types there is certain types and models you will need such as the pitching wedge, the putter club, the sand wedge, and so on. Golf courses are great places to spend some quality time with your friends and family, or to meet new interesting people who share the same interests as you.

Image Credits: golf from StefanoT /Shutterstock