Top Gift Ideas for Remote Employees

Gift Ideas

Remote work is challenging on multiple levels, and it can be tough to keep the motivation without some support. Hence, gifts for remote workers are even more meaningful as they represent the physical connection between them and their “virtual” employer. In fact, gifts are a great way to foster a common connection between the company and its remote team.

There are plenty of opportunities in which you can give gifts for your remote employees, from birthdays and significant personal events (like weddings and graduations) to corporate anniversaries. Doing it can lift your teams spirits and feed your company culture in a very positive way.

Thats why we prepared this list of top gift ideas for remote workers, so that you can remain a successful leader!

Noise-canceling headphones

If your remote employees have a big family, these would be the ultimate gift. Noise-canceling headphones help them focus on their tasks, no matter what’s happening around their desk. They’re absolutely priceless if they don’t have a home office just for themselves but rather a corner for their desk in the middle of the living room.

Cool laptop bag

You simply can’t go wrong with this one. Chances are you already know what type of laptop your team members are using, so you’ll have no doubts about the size. In case you do, go with the “bigger is better” motto, and then pick the bag with the coolest design.

Neat cord organizer

Is there anything more useful to a remote worker than a cord organizer that will hide all the cord mess they’ve made around the desk? It’s incredible how such a simple tool can make the whole home office look more appealing and organized. Hopefully, that organization will show in your employee’s work too.

Lovely desk photo frame

Plenty of remote workers keep matters close to their hearts on the desks. Why don’t you surprise your workers by getting them a much better version of the plain photo frame they already have?

Another similar idea would be to buy them a metal photo card holder that could be used for family photos and images representing their future goals a kind of vision board.

Artisan coffee blend

If your employee is a coffee aficionado, there’s nothing more special than giving them a custom-made coffee blend. The right mixture of Arabica and Robusta will hit the spot, making mornings at work more enjoyable.

Practical mug warmer

A coffee mug warmer is the perfect gift for all those serious coffee and tea drinkers who prefer their beverage hot.

Only too often does it happen that people get so focused on the work that they forget to sip their morning drink. By the time they get to sit back and relax, they find themselves unpleasantly surprised by the coldness of their beverage. Well, not anymore! The mug warmer will keep their energizing drink pleasantly warm all the time.

Desktop vacuum cleaner

Let’s face it remote workers love snacks. People like having a biscuit (or two) with their coffee or tea, and sometimes a bag of crisps can give you that quick energy boost you’ve been craving.

Yet, these tend to leave traces on the desk and keyboard, no matter how hard we try. A handy desktop vacuum cleaner will prove itself invaluable after just one use. Your employees will probably wonder why they didn’t get a hold of one already!

Motivating desktop greenery

According to one recent study, people who were used to desktop plants had lower anxiety and stress levels. Your employees will feel happier and less stressed while working. Whats more, the vegetation even boosted cognitive abilities in the research.

As for the type of plants, succulents and Japanese kokedamas were the most desirable ones, so there’s an idea on what to purchase.

Loungewear set

Remote employees usually enjoy the fact they don’t need to wear a uniform or suit when they appear at work. A comfy bathrobe is a perfectly fitting attire, provided there’s no Zoom video call scheduled. So, why not get your team some trendy loungewear? Loungewear has become a part of mainstream fashion, and it’s also a nice outfit to wear outside the home (office).

Gift box with delicious snacks

In case you’re not entirely sure about your employees’ preferences (or loungewear size), there is one gift hardly anyone would say no to a surprise box with yummy snacks!

They’re a nice token of appreciation and will definitely remind your employee of the attention every time they reach for a small treat while checking the latest reports online.

Footrest for restless feet

The benefits of a footrest are already legendary: it helps you with your posture and flexibility, makes you more relaxed, encourages you to stretch regularly, and so on. A footrest is a simple invention, but it comes with a long list of advantages, and hardly anyone hasn’t found it extremely useful.

Also, when it comes to footrests as employee gifts, it’s great that one size fits all, i.e., there shouldn’t be any complaints.

Warm slippers

Working long hours at the desk can disrupt blood circulation in the lower limbs in general and feet in particular. You’ve probably felt your feet get colder after a few hours at the desk. One of the most accessible solutions is a pair of nice, warm slippers. Actually, whoever is working from home probably already has their favorite pair (or pairs).

You can go for a classic set, or you can even order big puffy ones there are just so many choices!

Make your team members feel appreciated

You dont need to wait for a special occasion to give a gift to your team members. Any day is a good time to make your team feel special with a small token of appreciation. And the best part is that the gesture can create a positive bond between you and all your team members. So, if youre thinking about a way to connect with your employees, pick one of the items on this list and give it to them. Youll quickly see the positive impact these gifts can have!