Top Cybersecurity Trends in 2020

Cybersecurity Trends

In 2019, cybersecurity issues were on the rise and very week came with its own set of data hacks. It’s undoubtedly the year of major data breaches. This raised the stakes for company protection against cyber breaches and with the Global Data Protection Regulations being enforced, cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity.

Here are the top cybersecurity trends of 2020 that you should watch out for.

State-sponsored cyber attacks

The global security field has seen a rise of state-sponsored cyberattacks and they are bound to increase in 2020. Governments are unofficially supporting cybercriminals to steal industrial secrets, access political data and spread wrong information with the aim of influencing global opinions.

Protecting yourself from cyberattacks is a must in the modern day. To protect yourself from being affected by such cyberattacks, itís important that you use a versatile VPN like Torguard, which features include Torguard IP checker, kill-switch and AES-256 bit encryption.

The rise of data manipulation

Previously, cybercriminals would maliciously obtain data and sell it in the black market, making a tidy profit. However, that trend seems to have served its time as data manipulation is currently on the rise. Instead of simply selling your data, its integrity is interfered with and the resulting data is then used to blackmail you.

For instance, cybercriminals can take your picture off Facebook, Photoshop it into a nude photo and threaten to expose it if you donít pay them.

Cyberattacks on mobile devices

The usage of mobile devices is on the rise and so are the risks of being hacked. Currently, mobile devices are a major cybersecurity risk especially since employees often store business data on them. How often do you access your companyís site on your mobile phone? How many work passwords are stoned on your laptop?

Even though mobile malware does not impact business directly, they leave employees vulnerable to cyberattacks and ultimately affecting the business.

Data breaches are the top cybersecurity threats

The biggest cybersecurity concern has always been data breaches and that is not about to end. The GDPR has ensured that organizations take data protection seriously but you can expect a couple more data beaches. Why? Because personal data is valuable on the black market!

Criminals are willing to pay big sums of money to access personal data and industrial secrets.

Increased awareness of cybersecurity benefits

Due to the high number of data breaches in 2019, there was a rise in cybersecurity awareness among organizations and individuals. Companies undergoing digital transformations are taking cybersecurity measures to enhance data security and cybersecurity strategies are being implemented.

Protect your data against breaches

With big corporations like Yahoo and eBay having been victims of cyberattacks, small businesses should start being more cautious of how well their data is protected. Unencrypted data is at high risk of being hacked and a virtual private network makes it difficult for hackers to access this data by encrypting it.

Cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but a necessity and companies should prioritize protection of user data.