Top Business Career Tips from MBA Graduates

Career Tips

When we think of an MBA, what comes to mind is something that is reserved especially for the elite, that only those with the highest stakes in a business can take part in.

But, a lot of the time the kind of people who study for an MBA, which is essentially a prestigious business course, are simply people striving to get ahead in the business world and in life like the rest of us.

Many MBA degree courses are offered to students who want to study part time, like those at Hult International Business School, where students can work and study for their MBA all in the same day.

It would make sense then, to study for your MBA at a top business school and make sure the MBA you get differentiates your CV from everybody elseís.

You can learn a lot on your MBA degree, but before you take the plunge, donít take our word for it – take the word of people who have already graduated from their MBA and see what you can learn.

Leave your comfort zone

Getting outside of your comfort zone is an important life lesson, and is one take away from a student that has graduated with their MBA and gone on to achieve success within their wildest dreams.

Having applied to study for an MBA as a foreign student, this graduate wasnít sure about whether or not they had made the right choice, but they soon found out they had when they could change the industry for the better and revive a dying market.

So, in short, trust your gut and get outside your comfort zone. That excited feeling you get when you start the journey in achieving your goals? Itís a signal from your body that youíre on the right path. Listen to it.

Leave emotion at the door

Business and a prestigious business course is a grueling feat that not all can have as their accolade.

One graduate student laments this by explaining how self-discipline was crucial in overcoming cognitive reaction which will not get you far if it keeps overriding your logic in the business world.

Stick to your career plan, and replace bad habits in the workplace with better ones, and then eventually good one by recognizing these and replacing them.

Our emotions are formed in the amygdaloid part of the brain, and our reason and logic is formed in our pre frontal lobe part of the brain. Exercise the latter more than the former and the prefrontal lobe will be stronger, able to ride out the emotional part of the brain more often than not.

But, this is not to say donít feel any emotion at all, itís healthy and is part of our survival system. If itís not useful though, evolve past it. Just leave emotion at the door so you can focus on the logical part of your reasoning systems.

Your network does become your net worth

For another graduate student from an MBA degree program, their advice on how to be successful in business is to truly understand that your network really does become your net worth.

Having joined a group in university that would regularly meet up and discuss their shared passions and visions for the future, this student found that the group really helped to develop their confidence and assisted in the growth of their self-development.

Later, all of these graduates would still meet up regularly and swap ideas and the latest up to date information on their shared passion, which is now in keeping with the industry they work in. Only this time, each member can make money from what they learn.

Donít doubt yourself

Having studied a history degree at a non-top performing school, one student felt like a fish out of water on their new MBA business degree course being alongside other students who had studied business degrees at top business schools.

They learned that the most effective teams are made up of people with a diverse set of skills and backgrounds, which still helps in business today as they are aware of how to make up a powerful team.

Stay true to yourself because confidence is key

One point all MBA graduates want you to know? Stay true to your ideas, your vision and why you are there.

Comparing yourself to other people will always lead to self-doubt, and means you donít get to see what you are capable of by yourself if you try to follow in othersí footsteps.