Top Best Games You Can Start Playing Today


You may be thinking that gaming has become overrated and only the 90 kids used to play. But no, the user experience has improved to a considerable level giving the level of technological improvement. Not just this, earlier games used to be available only for computers or Xbox. But now it most of the games is available just a click away and has an app version of the same to give you the same effect.

The games are designed in such a manner that it does not hang and does not heat up the phone when you are continuously using it. You may be thinking why is the gaming experience hyped so much? It is because of the kind of games that have been introduced which even makes it a cooler experience for a user.

There are several sites which serves as a paradise for any gamer, because itís their one-stop shop destination for buying and playing any such game. One such site is gamestore.live which offers not only premium games but even premium accounts to users who have purchased the games. To name a few are a list of some of the games which are available on this site.

  • World of Tanks: World of Tanks is an online action game where many players play at once. This is one game which gives you variety of genres under one roof. All you need to do is create an account for this game, and get your gaming experience going. However, this comes with a catch, World of Tanks comes with an account option for all its premium players to provide them with an amazing opportunity to reconstruct the atmosphere of the previous century and fight shoulder to shoulder with the fans of steel giants from all over the world. Anyone can download the game and join the battle after installing, but if you donít want to waste time on upgrading, it is better to purchase the game and have a proper account. There is World of Tank Account for sale as well which is available for all the accounts and even better discounts for the ones which have purchased the game.
  • League of Legends: This is another video game which you can play by characters. It has nearly ten-million players across the world. In this game you can gain different skills, buy different additions, play as different characters, win influence points, riot points and fight the entire. Initially, on level one, you have no option but to play as team. From level 30 you will get the feel of the real game. Thatís when you can take up missions, have your own team and fight your own battles. You can start with lower paid levels to get a knack of the game and then go up to higher levels if your feel that there are repetitive actions.

There are varieties of other versions available for the two games mentioned above which is combination adequate for both starters and professional gamers. Some of them are:

  • League of Legend Smurf: As the name suggests it is this account is for starters and is a special kind of account which does not require ranking. Most of the players having an account for League of Legends need to have a smurf account. This is because it will shorten your time to wait for the ranking queues; increase influence points and wins more battles. This is an excellent account for starters who wants to have a kick-start for their gaming experience. So go ahead and create your account to have hands on experience.
  • League of Legends level 30 account: This is the kind of account where battles becomes tougher, missions becomes competitive and players become smarter. This particular version of the game provides you with a different atmosphere altogether with the choices of filters you have, the kind of additions and modifications you can make. It takes the level of the game to a whole new level to such an extent that their existing players patiently wait for any kind of updates. This particular version is for professionals who are very well aware of the in and out of the game. Not just this, just because the level of the game is high, doesnít mean the price is high. In fact, it is quite affordable
  • League of Legends NA Account: This particular account is typically and essentially for their North American users give them value for money and the best user experience after just creating this account. They are trying to increase the level and experience of the game to a different level.

There are many other sites which offers you gaming experience, but this site even though provides limited options, it has different versions of it as they have been super thoughtful about the different categories of players. This is what makes a good gaming experience best.