Top 5 Apps To Watch Movies For FREE On Android

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There is no doubt that watching movies, at present, one of the most entertaining stuff for the people on this planet. Watching movies is the best way to ease out the high working pressure, and people feel relax after watching their favorite movies.

Till yet, people use to watch movies either on big screens (theaters), Television or TV/laptops, but now, with the infusion of smartphones in everyone’s hand,  things have completely transformed with free live streaming movies apps.

These apps have made things very convenient for the people. Now they don’t need to spend too much money to watch movies on multiplexes or at home with cable connection. Their smartphone is enough to help them giving a far better experience of enjoying free movies of their choices.

What you need is to just download the movies apps on their Android supported smartphone and start streaming your favorite movies among thousands of available options.

Now the biggest question hitting your mind is which are the best movies apps to choose among so many available apps in the market? But, you don’t need to worry much about it as here I am bringing you the list of top 5 movies apps for your Android smartphones. The most important thing to remember is that these apps are free to use.

Top 5 Apps To Watch Movies For FREE On Android:

1. Cinema Box:

Cinema Box HD is one of the best movies streaming apps for Android smartphones. The best part of this movie app is, you don’t need to pay to watch movies. You can enjoy High Definition movies and TV shows. Apart from live streaming, Cinema box also offers you to download your best movies and then watch.

Cinema Box also supports Google Chromecast that means, you can watch your favorite movies on a bigger screen by connecting the app with your LED’s.

2. Tubi TV:

Tubi TV is another movie app, especially for those who want to watch a number of movies for free. The latest addition of Tubi TV supports all the major digital platforms and stream high quality of videos and movies as well. You have 40000 titles to choose from Tubi TV, and you can pick your favorite among these movies and TV series. 

3. Crackle:

This is one more interesting and useful free movies streaming app for the movie lovers. This app does not provide the option of downloading movies, so you have to watch through a streaming feature of this app.

For Android and iOs users, this is certainly among best movies app, and you will get an impressive experience with this app to your best-loved movies for free. The movies library of this app is so wide that you can choose from thousands of movies in multiple languages, so without much delay, download this app as soon as possible and enjoy movies at your home or anywhere.

4. Showbox:


Showbox is gained so much popularity among the people for its amazing movies watching experience. This free movie watching app has so much to offer you. Millions of people have already downloaded this fantastic movie app worldwide. Although this app is easily available for Android user’s, you can get this by downloading from Showbox APK website.

You will feel happy to know that this app also has a downloading option, so you can also watch your favorite movie offline. For those, who want to watch movies on PC or Laptop, ‘Showbox For PC’ allows you to watch it on your PC.

5. Popcorn Flix:

Similar to Netflix, Popcorn Flix is a free movie streaming app but entirely different from the other available movies app. It allows you to stream different movies from many genres without any cost. You can see new movies on a daily basis to add on with Popcorn Flix.

Besides movies, this app also provides you the option to watch documentaries and TV shows.You might not find different genres movies along with shows on a single platform. Get this app by downloading it from Google Play Store.


Here comes the end of this highly engaging post related to best free movies app to watch your favorite movies. I hope, after reading this blog, all your doubts regarding the movies apps are solved now, and you can choose any of them according to your desire and enjoy these movies anywhere on any platforms.