Top 7 Qualities to Look for in a Good Defense Lawyer

Situations arise every day in Florida where people are accused of crimes that can be in a broad spectrum of incidents from being a fatal accident, being accused of a crime where you know you’re innocent, to even be in a self-defense situation where the law might only see one side of the situation.

You may be facing the most difficult challenge of your life, and you need to find a defense lawyer that can help you in your time of need. However, this may be your first time getting a defense lawyer and you are not quite sure what to look for. Today, we will go over these qualities in more detail.

Seven Important Qualities You Should Look For

1) Experience

A good lawyer should be experienced and passionate about helping present your case for the best possible outcome. You should be able to ask your lawyer how many hours they have spent in the courtroom and how many trials similar to yours they have done.

2) Cost

Cost may be a big factor, as many people may be scared or confused as to how much it should cost to hire a skilled attorney. You should ask the lawyer exactly what they will do, and how long it’s going to take for your particular case.

3) Communication

Communication is a key issue in any good relationship. If you don’t feel comfortable around your lawyer, then a judge and prosecutor may not be comfortable as well, which won’t be good for your case.

4) Honesty

A good defense lawyer should be able to analyze every possible situation for your case and give you straight answers to what you should expect during your case. People tend to trust people that are forthright about outcomes rather than those who might curve the truth about a situation. If you can sense that the lawyer is dishonest than so will the judge and members of the jury if you end up going to trial.

5) Negotiation Skills

Your defense lawyer should possess the ability to minimize the charge into a lesser offense. If you are facing stiff charges, minimizing your sentence to a lesser offense would be better for your situation. A good defense lawyer could also analyze your case and work to reduce the time you have to spend in jail, or even eliminate jail time altogether.

6) Strategic Development

Your defense lawyer should be able to develop a valid and powerful defense strategy to provide a favorable outcome for your court case. This strategic defense should anticipate any questions that might be interjected by the prosecution, and how to deal with those questions if they arise.

7) Trustworthy

A good defense lawyer should be trustworthy so you can share what is needed to help your case. It will be easy to find out how good a lawyer is from testimonials from other clients and positive outcomes they have had with that particular individual. You can compare what the lawyer has told you in person to what his former clients say and you’ll be able to tell his level of trustworthiness.

Final Thoughts

Finding a defense attorney may seem like a hard task, particularly since there is a variety of defense attorney’s available today. However, looking for a defense lawyer with the qualities mentioned above will make you feel that you have chosen the right legal counsel for your particular case. If you happen to be in a situation in the Clearwater Florida area, then William Hanlon Clearwater criminal attorney, might be your best bet as he meets all the seven important qualities we mentioned.

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