Top 5 Video Slots Based on Popular Hollywood Films

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Blockbuster Hollywood films have long inspired iGaming software designers and numerous video slots are themed on popular movies. While some of these are just as massive as the title they replicate, some others havent been as lucky. With that being said, heres our list of the five most popular slots based on Hollywood blockbusters.

Top 5 Video Slots Themed on Hollywood Films

1.    Gladiator Released in 2000 and starring Russel Crowe in the lead role, the classic film narrates the revenge story of General Maximus and his journey takes him right through the Gladiator pits of Rome. The film is quite popular to this day, so much so that Playtech decided to use it as the theme for a video slot. The original storyline isnt a fairytale and neither is the gameplay. Although Playtech couldnt put Crowe in the title due to licensing issues, the game features Lucilla, Commodus, and Proximo symbols.

2.    Jurassic Park Launched in 1993, the first Jurassic Park film took the viewers on an epic rollercoaster ride through the jungles of the infamous Dinosaur park. Microgaming purchased the gaming license and released a video slot based on Jurassic Park back in 2014. The title is among the best film-based slots today and borrows several popular characters from the silver screen while featuring excellent graphics and equally captivating soundtracks.

3.    The Expendables Megaways The popular Hollywood flick featuring every major action star from our childhood teaming-up for death-defying stunts is an interesting concept for a video slot. Megaways had the same idea! The title offers anywhere between 324 and 117,649 winning combinations and can amplify the stake up to 20,000 times. In-game bonuses include free spins, a Bullet Bonus which triggers five random wilds, and an Expendable Bonus that removes low-value symbols. The game is as exciting as the film itself.

4.    Rocky Welcome to the world of Rocky Balboa, an underdog boxer who takes on the World Champion Apollo Creed on the ride of his life inside the ring. Released in 1976, this Hollywood classic featuring Sylvester Stallone was filmed on a $1 million budget before generating $225 million worldwide. Playtech purchased the gaming rights to the film and designed a 5-reel 25-payline video slot with notable characters from the film including Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Ivan Drago, and Clubber Lang.

5.    Iron Man Marvels Iron Man is what got the franchise rolling in the first place, inspiring the makers to move ahead with future films like Captain America, the Avengers, and more. The 2008 film also resuscitated Robert Downey Jrs career after his struggles with alcohol and drug addiction. Playtech capitalized on Iron Mans success by launching a video slot the very next year. Unsurprisingly the game received an equally warm response, forcing the makers to launch two more iterations soon after.

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