Top 5 TVs to Buy This Christmas!

With the holidays approaching, it is time to start looking for the hottest TVs for this season. Get ready for the incredible Black Friday Australia sales for 2019. We broke down some of the hottest televisions for you this year!

1. Samsung Q70 Series – Midrange TV with Lots of Features

With an excellent picture quality and an affordable price tag, the Samsung Q70 Series is the perfect premium brand TV for any family. Enjoy excellent image quality with lots of light output, correct color, deep black, and an incredible bright-room picture. 

The sleek design fits any home décor. The midrange TV has a number of features: 

  • Ambient Mode
  • Slick Cable Management System
  • Smart TV Suite
  • Bixby Built In Voice System
  • Works with Apple TV app, iPhones, iPads, and Mac Computers
  • Easy access to purchase and access entertainment
  • Airplay
  • Full Array Local Dimming
  • 4K Resolution 

2. Soniq TVs – Great TVs at Rock Bottom Prices

If you want a large TV with decent quality but want a rock bottom price, check out Soniq TVs. The Australian brand prides itself on creating affordable quality consumer grade electronics. While a fraction of the price of other brands, the Soniq gives a satisfactory entertainment experience, especially when paired with a soundbar. The interface requires a learning curve. Be sure to check out compatibility before purchase. 


3. SAMSUNG Q9 Series – Luxury Non-OLED TV

For unmatched picture quality, check out the Samsung Q9 Series. They have inky black levels, bright highlights, and innovative design. Some of the TV’s key features:

  • Best Overall Picture Quality
  • Best off-angle picture
  • Bixby Assistant
  • Reduced Blooming
  • 75-inch TV Size
  • Gaming Extras
  • Universal Remote Control
  • Simple Remote
  • Ambient Mode
  • Auto Game Mode Feature

Samsung continues to create some of the best TVs for gamers. The Q9 works with variable FreeSync refresh rates from many popular devices like the Xbox One X with rates up to 120Hz. 


4. LG OLEDB8P Series – High End TV Value

Enjoy quality images with the LG OLEDB8P Series. While the prices can be high, look for Black Friday specials when you buy a TV online. OLED TVs in general cost more than traditional LCD-based TVs due to superior quality of image to provide the best picture possible. 

The LG OLEDB8P has a sleek minimalist design. The razor-thin screen houses the power supply, speakers, and other features. The Web OS system is more intuitive than other similar televisions, though Roku and Sony both have superior systems. This TV has a built-in Google Assistant, which means that you can enjoy entertainment and order pizza from your TV. 

This year, treat your loves ones to a quality entertainment system and smart TV. Enjoy high quality images, gaming, and intuitive Smart Home assistants with a quality TV. With an option for every price range, this year you can buy the best without breaking the bank. Keep your eye out for incredible upcoming sales this holiday season.

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