Top 5 Marketing Tools for All Digital Marketers – A Handy Guide for All Marketers

Do you ever think that you would be far ahead of the marketing profession curve if you had some tools to make the whole process easier? Well, there are. You may have heard about some tools, but you may never have heard of others. With the constant changes in the digital marketing scene, you will get confused about picking one tool over the others hence this smart guide.

Social media marketing tools – HootSuite

If you are a marketer for a leading top injury lawyer, they will want to know your social media plans. You should have at least one tool like HootSuite. HootSuite offers you the easiest way for you to schedule posts and also to check/ monitor all your social media accounts from one place. You can set up streams for scheduled messages as well as mentions, comments, and posts.

At the same time, HootSuite lets you message a member of your team for them to send a reply later.

Email Marketing – HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales, previously called Sidekick is perfect for email marketing. It allows you to see who opens your email and when they do. Also, this tool lets you pull up the contact’s professional history, company information, and latest tweets and you can also schedule emails.

SEO and Content Management – Google Keyword Planner

With SEO and Content being important elements in your ranking, you must get the best tool to help you manage things. The Google Keyword Planner does all that by allowing you an opportunity to check the keywords that work best for your marketing campaign. With this tool, you will get information about how frequently that keyword gets searched and if there are changes in the searches.

Analytical and Data Tools – Google Analytics

Marketers swear by Google Analytics because it gives insights into everything that needs monitoring in digital marketing. With Google Analytics, you can tell more about your website’s performance, the most popular keywords, your audience demographics, and the actions taken to your page by visitors among other tools.

Google Analytics

A highly effective digital marketing tool that can inform a wide range of marketing decisions. It allows marketers to easily monitor their e-commerce business and track progress toward their goals. By utilizing the extensive data insights provided by Google Analytics, marketers can gain a clear understanding of the necessary steps to be taken to implement website changes and modifications.

Google Ads

A marketing tool suitable for businesses of all sizes, as it enables the calculation of return on investment (ROI) with ease. By incorporating AI features, results in display advertising can be obtained quickly. Targeting the consumer base is made possible by using a variety of factors such as age, gender, location, occupation, and more.


Trello is a highly recommended content management system for digital marketers who need to create and plan content for their marketing strategy. It is a widely popular platform utilized by thousands of marketers to organize, plan, and generate content for the web.

Visual Design – Canva

To create the most beautiful photos using the latest drag-and-drop technology, you will need Canva. This design tool lets you choose one of the many templates available online which you can then customize to meet your needs. Canva also allows you to customize the branding section using fonts, colors, and logos.

Finally, you can get Basecamp for project management and LeadPages for landing pages.