Top 5 Living Trees to Decorate for Christmas

Decorate for Christmas

Most people consider using living trees for Christmas for the different fragrant smells in their homes. These smells are enjoyable to everyone who visits your home during Christmas eve. Living trees will assist with air quality within the house since they can provide oxygen and consume carbon dioxide. Here are five tree options to consider for Christmas.

 Pine Trees

 When choosing the best pine tree for Christmas, you must consider a few things. One of these things will be the branches. A good pine tree must stick out perpendicularly from the trunk. If the trunk is bent, the tree might have been in an area where it did not have sufficient water and sun.

Checking the leaves or needles is a must when looking for the best pine tree for Christmas decorations. Assessing the condition allows you to know whether the tree is healthy or not. With a healthy pine tree, the needles ought to have a waxy outer layer. It guarantees that the pine tree will not lose any water.

 To ensure that the pine trees lead a healthy life till next Christmas, you should consider picking the best location for them. When placing the pine tree in the house, consider placing it where it will get some sunlight. It negates the tree from bending in search of the sun.

 Cedar Trees

 One reason for choosing cedar trees for your Christmas decorations is the cones. They are tiny, and they provide the tree with some aesthetic appeal. Most of the cones that you will find on cedar trees will be between two to three inches tall, and they stand upright on the branches.

 You can use Christmas trees for multiple occasions since their leaves stay green all year round. If you opt to place the tree outside, the leaves might turn gray green during winter. These trees also produce an unmistakable scent that provides your house with a unique holiday feel.

 When growing your Christmas trees, you should consider watering all the small trees regularly. It ensures that they can stay healthy and mature quicker. Regular mulching and removal of diseased and dead branches will be crucial as well.

 Arborvitae Trees

 Choosing the coniferous arborvitae trees will be advantageous, depending on the size of your home. If you have lots of space within the house, you can consider buying a tall tree. Some of the larger trees can exceed 70 feet, while the smaller ones can be under three feet tall.

 Depending on the cultivar, you can choose from different shapes like conical, pendulous, mounded, rounded, and pyramidal. They have lacy, flattened sprays of aromatic needles that have colors ranging from gold to green.

 That is why most people prefer using these trees for their Christmas decorations. They also have small cones that appear during summer and turn from green to brown when mature. Consider assessing different types of trees to know the best options for your Christmas decorations.

 Spruce Pine Tree

 To recognize between a spruce and a pine tree, you should check the leaves. Spruce pine tree leaves or needles are attached individually to the branches. Due to this, they will easily break or fall from the branch compared to pine tree needles that are always clustered together.

 The cones of spruce trees are also different because they are flexible and narrow. If you do not plan on keeping the tree indoors for a long while, spruce will be the best option. When buying the spruce tree, consider knowing where you’d like to place it before the Christmas celebrations. Just like its leaves, the tree can easily break because of their height.

 As for decorations, a spruce tree is a perfect solution because it has low branches. Therefore, the tree will be ideal for a home with kids since they can easily participate in tree decoration. More so, since the needles drop frequently, it will be a great place to hide gifts under before Christmas.

 Boston Fir Tree

 The Boston fir tree shares some traits with the spruce tree. With the fir, however, you will discover that it has some softer needles or leaves. It is an excellent solution for a home with kids since they won’t harm themselves with these needles. Besides, it’s easier to spend time on the tree since the needles won’t fall off quickly.

 Due to its soft nature, the tree is attractive, and it is an excellent option for anyone who wants some Christmas decorations in their home. The bark is smooth to the touch, but the cones will be a bit harder. When buying the fir, it is easy to know whether it’s healthy since it will ooze sap once a leave or branch falls.

 When selecting a tree for Christmas decorations, you ought to be careful. Assess everyone within the house to know whether the tree can fit their needs. For example, with kids around, you need a tree with branches lower to the ground. Also, with any pine tree type, you need to check the needles and ensure that they will be soft.