Top 5 free tools for freelance writers


Being a freelance writer can be a huge and really struggle. A freelance writer is left out of the confines of his office occupation and their own devices. They have the freedom and flexibility to work in their own style, comfort and suitable time. The pressure of being their own boss gives a call to the quality and quantity of the work they do. It can be difficult for a freelancer to manage a lot of writing chores at one time but with the development of technology and free apps available it is easy for them to do several jobs at one time. Brain basket suggests you a few free tools for freelancers which may be used to-

  • Manage time
  • Organise workload
  • Balance your budget
  • Communication with customers
  • Getting freelance work

The following tools will help you get done the above easily. Refer to for the best options.

1) A Writers Unblocker- Write or Die is an application for the Windows, Mac or Linux that aims to get rid of the writer’s block by giving consequences for the rewards for its achievements. The new version of this application helps the writer to take action and be focused on completing a task successfully it

It is a free app and has been found very useful for freelance writers

2) Hubspot topic Generator- If a blogger has it in his mind- What do I write about? Hubspot topic generator if one best tool to be used. It helps in generating themes and giving you ideas to write. Three keywords entered on the app will generate 5 titles. The title may not be the perfect match for what you want to write but then you can always revise on punctuations for better results. This tool can be a jump start for your mind.

3) Grammarly- It may be taken for granted by freelance writers that an inbuilt Spell checker in a word processing document is sufficient to rectify mistakes. However, spell checkers do not correct the grammatical mistakes. Rather than pressing F7 for your proofreading procedure Grammarly should be used. Grammarly helps to detect and correct the countless grammar mistakes in just a few minutes. It also helps to improve a few grammar lapses to achieve a higher quality of your writing.

4) Hemingway app- This app is named after Ernest Hemingway a newspaperman who worked to achieve factual writing without the need for having hidden meaning in the content. This made his style ideal for fake in blog articles, advertising copy and a large number of other writing tasks and duties. The app can be downloaded to get best results. You may not agree to all the changes it would like to make in your content but it is an essential tool to clarify what you are trying to say.

5) Scheduling your due date with Google calendar- Google Calendar is the best tool to keep your whole life in perfect tune including family duties, appointments and activities. Deadlines and task can be set on the calendar so that you do not miss on your work and submit them on time. The Google calendar helps you manage your time and present your work punctually.

Brainbasket brings you these app suggestions when you are a freelance writer and helps you to achieve the best quality of writing.