Top 5 Factors Affecting Your Auto Shipping Rates

Auto Shipping

Is your auto ship ready to be shipped from its current location to another one? If so, you’ll likely want to get it there as soon as possible. However, fast delivery doesn’t come cheap, especially if you don’t know what affects auto shipping rates.

Take control of your life and learn the factors that impact your auto shipping price. Keep reading to map them out and know what to expect in your shipping price quotes before you commit to anything.

1. Location and Distance

Location and distance are two of the top five factors affecting auto shipping rates. It is more cost effective to move an automobile within a local area versus a long distance.

The farther an auto is shipped, the higher the rate. Moreover, certain states and cities are rated differently by auto shippers, depending on the amount of shipments to that area.

2. Season

During peak season, demand for auto shipping services increases, resulting in higher prices. The peak season usually occurs during the summer months and around Winter Holidays.

Throughout the year, the cost of shipping will fluctuate to try and meet the changing levels of demand. Adverse weather conditions or natural disasters can also cause shipping fees to go up. Follow this link to know more about the shipping auto transport rates during peak and off peak season.

3. Size and Weight of Vehicle Being Shipped

Vehicle type and size are important aspects when determining auto shipping rates. Automobiles that are larger in size and length, such as an SUV, truck or van, are typically higher in rate than smaller vehicle types such as cars, motorcycles, and other compact vehicles.

On the other hand, smaller vehicles, such as sedans, can usually be shipped at a lower price. Heavier vehicles require more energy from the engine to move, and thus cause the carrier to spend more on fuel.

4. Open or Enclosed Delivery

Choosing open or enclosed delivery will affect the rate of shipping. This type of delivery affects the rate, with open delivery being the cheaper option and enclosed delivery being more expensive as it offers greater protection against the elements and human activity.

When open delivery is in it, your vehicle will be loaded onto an open car trailer and exposed to the elements. Enclosed delivery provides the highest level of protection for your vehicle.

5. Delivery Time Flexibility

Depending on how flexible you are with the dates of your transport, your rates will either be higher or lower. For instance, if you are a buyer needing to ship a car within a specific time frame, such as on a particular day, your rates will be higher due to the rush of your request.

However, if you are more flexible with your time frame and don’t need your car delivered on a certain day, those rates will be lower. Overall, being flexible with your delivery time can be a great way to potentially lower your auto shipping rates.

Importance of Auto Shipping Rates

Auto shipping rates can vary for a variety of reasons. Factors like vehicle size, location, distance between pickup and delivery, and time of year will play a role in how much the quote will be.

Vehicle condition, request for delivery date, and type of transport will also affect the rate. Get an accurate quote by providing all necessary information and ensure a safe and secure experience. Check out our blog and learn everything you can today.