Top 5 Butterfly Valve Manufacturers You Should Check Out

Metal-seated double flange

Butterfly valves are essential to a wide range of industrial processes. The reason is their ability to regulate the flow of slurries, liquids, and gasses. Unlike other valves that can only be fully open or closed, butterfly valves can be used for partial opening. Through this, they can reduce or limit the flow as needed by the operation.

The liquid food processing industry relies on butterfly valves.

Many customers from different industries patronize butterfly valves. Especially those in industrial manufacturing, waterworks, irrigation, heating systems, pipe fabrication, chemical transport, and liquid food processing. On the other hand, there are several possible operations for butterfly valves utilization specifics. Such as vacuuming, petroleum recovering, HVAC, steam service, high-pressure and high-temperature water services, and fire protection.

A simple operation of hygienic fittings valve in fluid equipment sanitary pipe fittings valve structure.
Sanitary butterfly valves that are used in liquid food operations.

If you are on a keen search for the best manufacturers of excellent quality butterfly valves, then this checklist puts you on the perfect spot. Let’s carry on!


Emerson is an established both manufacturer and supplier of control valves globally, with a hundred and thirty years of experience. They are considered one of the largest valve manufacturers as their products are widely used in almost all industries that require valves.

This American-based company also manufactures top butterfly valves with high precision and high-quality processes. They even have their cryogenic testing facility; wherein all valves are tested with helium. Moreover, Emerson also has a good reputation when it comes to repairs and providing excellent customer service. If you wish for a quotation, you may reach them at emerson.com.


Bray has become one of the leading producers of valves worldwide. They specialize in manufacturing quarter-turn butterfly valves, ball valves, and both pneumatic and electric actuators. With an overall thirty years of unceasing success and growth, its global operations now run in over forty countries.

Bray International has a wide variety of butterfly valve products and solutions, not to mention the excellent quality after-sales service. Their top butterfly valve products are resilient seated butterfly valves and high-performance butterfly valves, such as triple offset butterfly valves.


Huamei Machinery is a leading professional manufacturer and supplier of high-performance butterfly valves in China. What makes this manufacturing business stand out is that their unique seat designs are comparable to Flowseal and Bray. Currently, they cater soft seat, metal seat, and fire-safe seat industrial applications of butterfly valves.

If you wish for more information about this company, you may check their website – huameimachinery.com, which is easy to navigate by the way. There, you will see organized information about the butterfly valves that you might require. Like by connection, design, or materials you prefer.

Huamei Machinery’s products are made under an ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Program. This certification serves a proof and assurance that each valve they manufacture will meet, or exceed application requirements you seek.


For fifty-nine years of deemed reputation, L&T Valves is the oldest butterfly valve manufacturer in India. They parted their facilities into three, placing each at Kanchipuram, Coimbatore, and Chennai. Through these sections, they were able to cover a large portion of the country’s valve demand. Furthermore, they export products to Europe, America, the Middle East, Africa, and of course, Asia.

L&T has an unrelenting global presence over the years. They have manufactured butterfly valves for different industries, namely power, chemicals, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, and food. They stay in the top list for they provide importance on the quality over quantity of their products.


Sirca International, a European-based business, started in the late seventies. On that timeline, the company began manufacturing complete automation and pneumatic regulation systems. Now, their leading product is rotating pneumatic quarter-turn actuators, which are compact and reliable.

The company then tried entering the Italian market, introducing their rubber-seated butterfly valves and double eccentric butterfly valves. The company’s strong points are product quality, competitive pricing, and securing large warehouse stocks to provide reliable service.

Sirca supports an extensive area of applications such as the energy, water, industrial, and marine sectors. They only not manufacture quality butterfly valves but also ball valves and accessories.


And there you have it! Hopefully, this list helped you somehow in weighing out which butterfly valve manufacturer suits your needs. Excellent decision-making in choosing the right manufacturer is essential because you can weigh out the pros and cons of your selection process.