Top 5: Best Coin Counters for 2021

Best Coin Counters

Coin counters are great for small to medium-size businesses and managing personal finances. They come with a variety of features that can be of incredible benefit and convenience to you. Some of these devices also have the added pro of automatic size sorting and wrapping. You can browse coin counters based on the number of coins they can process and their speed.

The Top Five Count Counters in 2021

The new coin counters on the market have improved additions compared to last year’s designs. Because every coin counter is different, not all of these devices will fit your business needs. When you learn more about them, you can make an informed decision.

Royal Sovereign Coin Sorter

This 2-row coin sorter is electric-powered and has a digital display. It has the ability to sort up to 312 coins per minute speedily. It is great for medium-sized businesses that handle some amount of cash. It holds up to 400 coins and comes with anti-jam technology to help prevent it from inaccurate counting and mechanical errors. It will also wrap your coins automatically, saving you plenty of time. It costs around $66, which is mid-range for its price.

Cassida C100 Electronic Coin Sorter

Cassida’s coin counter can sort 250 coins per minute and is great for small to medium-sized businesses that handle cash. It has the ability to sort out mixed coins and quickly process them for storage. The coin counter has a hopper at the top and sorts different coin sizes into four separate containers. It has a digital display and costs around $175.

Accubanker Ab510 Coin Counter

Newly released, this coin counter has a hopper capacity of 3,000 coins or less. It can display the denomination as well as the grand total. AccuBANKER counters automatically sort coins of different sizes into different containers and prepare coins for wrapping by shuttling them into plastic coin tubes. This will make wrapping them incredibly easy. These typically cost around $200.

Nadex S540 Pro Coin Counter

This coin counter has the ability to sort your typical pennies, dimes, nickels, and quarters. However, it can also sort $1 coins. All of them can be thrown into a hopper and includes 48 preformed coin wrappers. The machine has auto-stop settings to prevent it from overfilling and has batch settings. The hopper has the ability to count up to 2,000 dimes but has the capacity for 450 nickels, 350 quarters, 130 $1 coins, 300 pennies, and 900 dimes. It is priced at around $187.

Pyle Automatic Coin Counter

Compared to many heavy-duty coin counters, it is more lightweight and is made of quality ABS plastic material. It is universally compatible and can count all US coins without any additional settings on it. It can count in two modes, which are the free and batch count styles. The coins are then sorted into trays, and the amount is displayed on an LCD screen. This coin sorter can load up to 500 coins and is highly accurate. It costs around $179.

Learn More About Coin Counters

You can find out additional information about coin counters from industry experts. They can help guide you on the hunt for the right counter for your company.