Top 5 Android Apps for International Calls

International Calls

Despite the fact that weíve made great technological strides over the past decade, the cost of international calling remains high Ė even prepaid calling cards sometimes come with undisclosed fees. Luckily, thereís a major change taking place: VoIP apps harness the power of the internet, allowing users to make international calls at far lower rates than those charged by traditional landline and cell service providers. If youíre an Android user, then you may find one or more of the international calling apps useful.


Weíve placed Viber Out at the top of our list for a great reason: It offers flexibility, ultra-low prices to every destination imaginable, and exceptional service. The app is free, and has been gaining popularity since it was introduced years ago. Unlike newcomers, it has been around long enough that its developers have had the opportunity to iron out issues. Itís one of a handful of Android apps that allow international calling to landline and cellular numbers as well as to others who use the app. Calls between users are free, and there are a number of prepaid packages and plans to choose from in the event you need to make calls to traditional phone numbers.

What Users Say:

  • Itís great to be able to talk to other Viber users for free
  • Overseas calls are as clear as talking to someone face to face
  • Great video calls with Viber compared to other services Iíve tried
  • Excellent customer service with a fast response
  • Convenient and easy to use

Facebook Messenger

If youíre a Facebook user, then you might already use Facebook Messenger to chat with your contacts. What many users donít know is that this app can act as a stand-in for international calling, so long as everyone involved in the conversation is also a Facebook Messenger user, and so long as you both have a good internet connection. Admittedly, there are a few bugs Ė but the service, which began as Facebook Chat in 2008, is a fun and convenient way to keep in touch across the miles.

What Users Say:

  • Itís a cool app for chatting with others
  • Good for personal use, but not great for business
  • Useful and easy to use, but difficult to delete messages
  • Itís nice to have different ways to talk


Renowned for its free video calls and instant messaging, Skype is another good online alternative to traditional international phone calls. Itís a good option for groups, and the upgraded app allows for calls to mobile phones and landlines. Skype to Skype calls are available at no charge. Availability varies from one country to the next, but the app is free to install on your Android device.

What Users Say:

  • I like having the ability to send files
  • This is a good way to talk to my parents who refuse to get Facebook Messenger or another app
  • Handheld usability is OK Ė the app works better on my laptop
  • The app works well but it is a bit heavy
  • Itís a visually pleasing app that keeps me in touch


Dingtone is a bit different from other Android apps for international calls: In addition to allowing you to call phone numbers directly, it also lets you enjoy instant voice chats that might remind you of the walkie-talkies you may have used as a child. The free version does contain advertisements, however this is something that comes with most free apps. If you opt into the paid version, you can block and forward calls if needed. You can also add a second or third line to your phone, along with a free US phone number.

What Users Say:

  • Itís a good app, our whole family uses it to talk together
  • You can complete offers and watch videos to earn credits, so you donít have to use traditional money
  • Calls usually sound clear and I never have problems connecting
  • Good prices, but the phone conversations are sometimes cut off in areas where a lot of people are using Wi-Fi, choose your location carefully for important conversations
  • Itís a good app for people who like to earn points by playing games and trying out new apps


If you need a private number for anonymous calling or texting, the you will probably like WhatsCall. This Android app allows for international calls and free texts, plus it allows you to get a second phone number to use for business or other needs you may have. Itís free to install, and like other Android apps for international calls, it works via 3G, 4G, LTE, or Wi-Fi.

What Users Say:

  • Itís easy to earn the credits you need for international calls, just watch ads or spin the wheel.
  • Texts work well but Iíve had some trouble sending photos
  • Good service, no dropped calls so far
  • A good app to have as a backup in case you run out of regular minutes on your phone
  • The app saves money on cell service, once you learn how to navigate