Top 5 Advantages Of Using Whiteboard Animation For Online Business Marketing

Business Marketing

Business marketing is not the same today as it was as little as ten years ago, and with competition only becoming tighter, new business owners and entrepreneurs are being forced to constantly come up with original and unique ways to market their start-ups.

While marketing via traditional channels such as through social media pages, SEO keyword rankings, or guest posting on blog posts are all effective, if you really want to stand out you’ll need to explore marketing techniques that go beyond that.

One such example of a truly unique business marketing technique is to use whiteboard animation, which you can create through a company such as Idea Rocket Animation.

Whiteboard animation is simply an animation where a story is drawn on a whiteboard-like surface, often accompanied by narration. It can be used to convey ideas, for educational purposes, and of course, to market businesses.


Here are the top five advantages of using whiteboard animation for online business marketing:


Advantage #1 – You Can Turn Boring Into Fun

One of the biggest advantages to using whiteboard animation is you can take an otherwise ordinary or ‘boring’ idea and make it fun. If you’ve been struggling to market your online business so far, one possible reason could be that people aren’t just excited about what you have to offer, and therefore they aren’t compelled to buy from you.


With whiteboard animation, however, you can convey the exact same message as before only in a way that could convince your audience that your business is truly revolutionary. In other words, whiteboard animations can help you to more effectively engage your audience.


Advantage #2 – Your Audience Will Become More Receptive

 If your audience can be better engaged, then they will naturally become more receptive as well. If you need to convince a group of potential investors in a room that your business will change the world, for instance, a normal interview or even a power point presentation can be a little dull.


A whiteboard animation video, on the other hand, can flip the script by capturing your audience’s attention and maintaining it. As a result, in that last example, the investors in the room will almost certainly feel more compelled to talk with you afterwards.


Advantage #3 – You’ll Be More Unique From Your Competition

Most businesses these days do not include whiteboard animation in their marketing strategies, and it’s to your benefit.


Yes, whiteboard animation is most certainly gaining in popularity and will continue to do so. But for now, it’s certainly not the norm when it comes to video marketing. Instead, videos where a person simply talks in front of the camera are the standard videos used for marketing.


At the very least, the fact that you’re using a whiteboard animation video should at least compel someone to click your advertisement versus someone else using a normal ‘talking head’ video.


Advantage #4 – You Can Compel The Audience To Take Action Right Away

The main reason to using a whiteboard video is to inform your audience (in this case about your business, what it is, and what you provide). The second reason is to convince your audience to take action.


Whether you’re trying to compel potential investors to invest in you or potential customers to buy from you, either will be more willing to take action because of the completed illustration that they have just witnessed on screen. The extra dose of dopamine they get from that could give them the push they need to give your business a close look.


Advantage #5 – You’ll Strengthen The Bond With Your Customers

Whiteboard animation videos require a greater amount of effort than talking head videos. In other words, customers and investors won’t get the sense that you rushed a video out there to try and get them to buy from or invest in you.


A whiteboard animation video signals that you’ve put more time and thought into your content, and as a result, you’ll likely come across as being more welcoming. After all, whiteboard animation really just looks like someone drawing a marker on a whiteboard, and therefore it comes across as being more real and human.


Benefits of Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation truly is one of the most effective business marketing techniques out there and is not one that you can afford to overlook. It’s unique, effective, fun, and can help compel the audience to actually take action.