Top 4 Dedicated Server Benefits

Modern Server Machines

Most startups lack end of infrastructure hosting options. From shared hosting, virtual private server hosting and dedicated server hosting to cloud servers and many more. Every choice has their advantages and disadvantages, however most of the time, companies go with the option that is trending and one that has the market at that time. However, marketing buzz doesn’t equate to real-world capabilities and gains.

As far as hosting options are concerned, dedicated server hosting is among the least talked about, and this is not exactly right, because dedicated servers or a cluster of dedicated servers offer most services that a lot of startup infrastructure hosting clients desire. Dedicated servers offer premium performance at a great price profile, complete control over the hosting environment and optimal reliability.

Why Dedicated Server Hosting is better?

High Performance

Dedicated servers give clients access to every capability of an enterprise-grade server, tailored to their specific needs. Besides that, no other hosting solution delivers better performance as compared to dedicated servers. This is especially visible where I/O is concerned: for read and write heavy applications – those that depend on databases or being able to process data quickly. The only data hosting option that beats a dedicated server is a more powerful one.

You can also implement your own higher levels of security

A lot of hosting platforms that block out implementation details from clients, and as a result, it becomes difficult for clients to control and build an optimally secure hosting environment. You’re unaware of the software or hardware that was used in the implementation. Again, dedicated servers win. They give you complete access to their software stack, so you’re able to secure your hosting environment as you want to.

Great price–performance ratio

As far as long-term workloads, dedicated servers are the best option and would serve better even with a tight budget. You are able to spend less and gain more with dedicated servers, whether you’re using low-end dual core systems, or multi-processor machines. A lot of businesses have transitioned to cheap dedicated servers from virtualization, and this is because virtualization is overly priced, and doesn’t really offer additional benefits as compared to dedicated servers.


Not long ago, Amazon’s S3 went down completely. Every company that depended on S3 where this happened was affected. This doesn’t make S3 bad, as almost every infrastructure hosting tends to suffer outage from time to time. However, we should also try to think about ways individual users can get through this. As far as S3 was concerned, developers, system administrators as well as executives couldn’t do anything due to lack of control.

With dedicated servers, an outage issue can be sorted by clients and hosting providers.

Although dedicated servers won’t fit for every single project, but it is undoubtedly a great choice when you consider performance, security, control, and if you’re looking to get a great price-to-performance ratio.