Top 3 Technology Penny Stocks To Watch For 2018

Technology Penny Stocks

Technology companies have long been and continues to remain very future ground for penny stock investors to put their money in.

Trading penny stocks is a naturally risky adventure because you can never truly predict where the price of a stock will go in the future, but what you can do is look for companies with a strong potential for future growth based on the strength of the technology they provide.

Here are the top three best technology penny stocks to watch for 2018, presented in alphabetical order:


Arotech is notable because it merges virtual reality and drones, both of which are without question very hot trends for 2018.

Specifically, Arotech focuses on providing technology to military, emergency services, and law enforcement units around the world, with aircraft and missile simulations that can help aid in training.

Currently, Arotech is positioned as one of the biggest providers for surveillance and aircraft technologies for the military and law enforcement. It is for this reason that their potential for growth in the future is very strong. At the present time, they are a safe investment.

Glu Mobile

Another excellent penny stock company to watch is Glu Mobile, which manufactures games for smartphones and tablet. Most of their games are based on either action movies or console games.

What makes GluMobile appear to be a safe investment is the fact that they have dug their way out of debt and in the process have developed very durable reserves of cash. Furthermore, their revenue has been steadily increasing over the last year.

These facts, combined with the fact that smartphone games are only gaining in popularity, are why you would be wise to keep a close eye on GluMobile.

Zix Corporation

The last technology penny stock company we will discuss is Zix Corporation. Zix Corporation is an email provider, focusing specifically on corporate and government entities. Their main appeal is their encryption services, which they claim provides secure messaging.

But what really makes Zix a promising penny stock is the fact that their sales have been steadily rising over the last five years. On occasion, the stock even rises out of the penny stock zone, meaning it briefly eclipses $5. Donít be surprised if the price of the stock eventually rises out of the $5 range entirely.

The company does remain rather small with a market cap over just over $230 million, so that is something to keep in mind. Nonetheless, as far as penny stocks go, Zix currently appears to be a relatively safe bet.

The Best Tech Penny Stocks To Watch For 2018

Investing in penny stocks means you need to make predictions about what the future holds. The truth is that the majority of penny stocks have a weak track record without enough indications that they will thrive over the long term

That being said, the technology penny stocks that we have just covered hold the best potential for future profits.