Top 22 Approach to Buzz Out the Most from Your iPhone and iPad

Now a days, iPhone and iPad are dominant devices that can do almost everything except cooking which can be a possibility in near future for iDevices. Now to get the most from your device we have few useful tips that you can try on your iPhone and iPad.

1. Set Up Parental Control

Now parents can control what your child can or can’t do on their device by creating parental controls. This will restrict what apps is to be downloaded or not, disable apps like Camera or Mozilla, and also by specifying the ratings of apps, music and movies you can restrict what is to be played or install. Now if you want to set up parental controls just follow the following instructions, open Settings>General>Restrictions, tap Enable Restrictions, and set a password and then enter again to confirm. From there you have to customize the parental settings according to your needs.

2. Retrieve a Deleted App Back on Your Device

You always have difficulty in retrieving the deleted app which is accidentally deleted from your device, now its easy to get it back as they are not deleted from the cloud. Simply open the App Store, tap on the Updates tab, and tap on Purchased tab on your iPad. Here it is, now you would be able to watch all the apps you ever bought, even if you have once deleted it. Download again by just tapping on it.

3. How to Disable In-App Purchases

Now you can also disable the feature of in-app purchases by which no one else would be able to purchase from your device without your knowledge. As sometimes your child or someone acting like a child can rack up a large bill on your device through these purchases. Now you can disable the feature and save yourself from a headache. You just need to open Settings> General>Restrictions> Enable Restrictions. It will ask for a password, create one and enter it twice to confirm, and now scroll down to Allowed Content and turn Off the In-App Purchases.

4. How to Change the Folder Name

Once you start downloading your apps, you will also need to organize them in folders so that you can scroll them easily and quickly without finding them in lot of screens. This could be done in the most simple way by just tapping on the app and holding it, now drag it on the top of another app of same category which you want to put in same folder. It will start wiggling when you drag on top of another one and automatically create a folder with the name of the application category (this is the default name). Now changing the name of the folder to your like is very easy, just tap and hold on the app icon and once it starts wiggling tap on the folder and then tap where the folder name is written. This will popup the keyboard and you can edit the name of the folder.

5. How to Send an App as a Gift

Everyone likes gift, not only in the holiday season but most of the time, you will most probably find many of your friends and family sporting an iPhone or iPad. Now you can send them apps from the App Store as gifts instead of buying them a new gadget. What you have to do is very simple, just open an app through iTunes on your computer or you can also do it through your device by opening App Store icon on your device. Now there’s a Gift This App option which you can find as an additional option next to the app price in iTunes, and on your device its under the app ratings. To gift the selected app you just need to log in with your Apple ID, and fill the recipient’s name and email address to whom the app is to be sent.

6. How to Find Out Where Planes are Headed

Sometimes, when you ask Siri a question, she will connect you to Wolfram Alpha and bring up the relevant information. This is how Siri answers mathematical questions (for example, “How much is 20% of $24.56?”). But did you know you can use Wolfram Alfa to identify plane is flying over your head, just open Siri and ask, “What flights are above me?” Siri will return a list of flights numbers, along with their carriers, altitude, and flight map.

7. Switch Between Apps Quickly

Pressing the home button and tapping on another app is the standard way to switch between apps. The faster method is to double-tap the home button to bring up the multitasking bar, and scroll through the list of recently opened apps. One additional method is only available for the iPad and it involves multi-touch gestures. On your iPad, open Settings> General> Enable Multitouch Gestures. Once it’s on, you can swipe three fingers left or right across the screen to switch between opened apps.

8. iMessage Overseas

An international data plan can be very costly. If you’re travelling overseas, use iMessage to stay in communication with everyone with an iPhone, iPad, or iPad touch. The iMessage service lets you send and receive text messages, and it is free all over the world as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi (just make sure that the iMessage text bubbles are blue. If they are green, then you’re sending SMS messages, which require a cellular data plan).

9. Display Character Counts

If you want to know how many characters you have typed in a text message, simply go to Settings> Messages, and turn Character Count to ON. You will now see a character count pop up right above the Send icon.

10. Scroll Quickly to the Top

Navigating a web page with Safari on your iPhone or iPad can feel slow if you have to keep swiping up and down to read the text. to speed up your web surfing, you can tap along the very top of the browser window (where the carrier, time, and battery life is displayed), and you’ll zoom to the top of the page in a flash.

11. Let Google Maps Tell You

Google Maps is great for telling you where you are and where you need to go, but did you know it can also give you public transportation and bike route information? Simply open the Maps app, get directions to a specific spot, and choose the car, bus, or bike options along the top of the page. You can also modify the departure time to get accurate bus schedules fro that specific day.

12. Use Your iPhone as a TV Remote

You can turn your iPhone into a universal TV remote with a free app and an Apple accessory. You’ll need to download blinQ TV (free, app2.me/5013), and buy an infrared emitter (called the “Q”) for $9.99. When you download the app, you’ll get an option to order the Q. The app will allow your iPhone to control different types of TVs, DVD players, receivers, and amplifiers.

13. Find the Hidden Apostrophe in the iPad Keyboard

The iPad keyboard has a slightly different layout than that of the iPhone, and there are some hidden characters that aren’t very obvious. If you tap and hold the comma/exclamation mark key, for example, you’ll see an additional option for an apostrophe. Just slide your finger towards the apostrophe, and let go to select it.

14. Stop Asking to Join Wi-Fi Networks

Your iDevice is relentless in its search for Wi-Fi connectivity. If you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network, it’ll bug you with a request to join every time a new Wi-Fi network pops up. If you don’t want to be bothered, got to Settings> Wi-Fi, and switch Ask to Join Networks to OFF.


15. Share Docs From Within Pages ON Your iPad

An easy way yo share documents is to send them using the Pages app on your iPad through the Share menu. You can send the documents via email as a PDF, Pages document, or Word (.doc) file.

16. Turn On Caps Lock

This is a simple but useful little trick. On your iPhone or iPad keyboard, if you double tap the shift key (the key with the little arrow pointing up), it’ll glow and turn blue. This means that Caps Lock is on, and you’ll be able to type in all caps.

17. Double-Tap the Space Bar

Another keyboard shortcut is to double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence. It will automatically add a period and create an extra space to start the next sentence.

18. Change the Default Search Engine

Now you are not stuck with Google. If you wish to change the default search engine in the Safari web browser, simply open Setting> Safari> Search Engine, and choose from Google, Bing, or Yahoo. There is no restriction on the user to use only Google as its search engine, you can change it according to your taste of the search engine.

19. Find Words on a Page

When you’re using the Safari browser, sometimes you’ll need to find a specific word on the page, but you won’t have time read every word (who does?). To find a specific word, just type the word in the search bar located at the top right of the browser window. The search bar doubles as a word finder, and towards the bottom of the search suggestions you’ll see a sub-category called “On This Page” that tells you how many times the word appears on that page. If you tap on that result, it’ll take you to the exact location of the world.

20. Turn Off Alert Chimes

You can adjust what type of sounds you want your iPhone or iPad to make when you receive a new email or voice mail, send a Tweet, and more. On your iPhone, open Setting> Sounds, and adjust to your liking. On your iPad, the options are located under Settings> General> Sounds.

21. See Larger Email Previews

When you open your email via the Mail app, you’ll be able to read a snippet of each message through a small preview by opening Settings> Mail, Contacts, Calendar> Preview (under the Mail section), to see as a preview. You can select from one to five lines of preview space.

22. Open Links in New Tabs (iPad Only)

With the latest iOS update came the ability to create tabs in the Safari web browser. To open a web in a new tab, tap and hold the web link until the menu option to Open in New Tab appears. Tap it to create a new tab and navigate to that web page.