Top 20 gifts for housewife

gifts for housewife
  1. An electronic spoon has the function of measuring the mass of its contents. Is this another useless gadget? No. All housewives know how difficult it is to control the weight of products in small quantities;
  1. Large cheese board with cutlery set from Royal Craft Wood will become a cute  present for a guest lover woman. It’s supplied with cutlery in the nice box; 
  1. A sharp chef’s knife is the main kitchen tool and the main gift for a cooking fan. If the lady already has a good knife, you can pick up a chef’s knife with a different functionality or design;
  1. “Gastronomic Encyclopedia Larousse” – a book by Prosper Montage, which is necessary for every fan of haute cuisine;
  1. Master classes from a chef or food stylist will be an unusual gift for any occasion for a cooking lover. No wonder they say that new experience is the most valuable gift;
  1. Personalized apron – an aesthetic accessory for a fan of cooking. This is not to say that any fan of creating gourmet dishes needs it. But he will obviously flatter her vanity;
  1. Soap Magic soap “Anti-odor” can be a nice addition to a gift. As the name suggests, it successfully gets rid of the annoying onion, fish and garlic odors;
  1. Stylish Kitchen Aid mixers are quite expensive, but their original appearance, guaranteed quality bribe housewives around the world;
  1. “My Italy” by Jamie Oliver is considered an anthology on the world of Italian cuisine. As you know, everyone loves her. So we advise you not to delay the purchase;
  1. An egg timer is a useful kitchen accessory. It notifies the readiness of the product with the help of color and sound signals;
  1. “Rules and Subtleties of the Kitchen” by William Pokhlebkin is considered a classic among cookery books. She will allow a woman to get acquainted with her favorite business from a scientific point of view;
  1. A set of molecular cuisine is especially liked by young hostesses. In fact, molecular cuisine is a combination of cooking and interesting chemical experiments. You definitely won’t be bored;
  1. If a girl is enthusiastic about blogging about food, consider buying a marble slab (from 684 rubles). It looks expensive and also harmonizes with any kind of dishes;
  1. Author’s dishes from home pottery are gradually conquering the market. Such products are often liked by lovers of aesthetics and beautiful shots;
  1. Cooking magazines like Gaher, Toilet Paper, Lucky Peach look aesthetically pleasing, so the textual content fades into the background. They are often liked by lovers of food photography and about food;
  1. Sous vide technique allows you to cook in a vacuum in a water bath. Not everyone likes her, so it’s better to agree on a gift;
  1. Silicone pot holders perfectly save delicate ladies’ fingers from burns. You can easily find both budget and creative options both online and in real outlets;
  1. A sprayer for oil and vinegar will allow you to quickly cover the work surface with the desired liquid and at the same time save consumables;
  1. A folding grater significantly saves space on the kitchen table: when not in use, it is no thicker than a cutting board. But when assembled, it quickly copes even with dense products;
  1. An electronic chopper allows you to cut nuts, vegetables, fruits, fish and different types of meat into equal pieces, slices or cubes in seconds.