Top 10 Tips to Get Discounts and Save Money While Shopping for Special Occasions

Save Money

The festive season is just around the corner and your shopping spree has just begun or is about to begin. During this time, it is important to know certain tips and tricks to save money and get the best deals on the products of your choice. Today, we will guide you on how to get discounts on your shopping deals.

Be it online shopping or going to stores, it is fairly easy to get better offers if you know how, what, and where to buy. In case you are confused, we are here to help you make the right choices and best deals.

Check out our top 15 tips to get discounts and save money while shopping.

1. Do proper research before finalizing a store.

The key to a good deal is to know all about the product you are going to buy and check its prices everywhere. From neighborhood stores to online merchants, check deals on sites and see which one is the cheapest. Only then go ahead on the final deal.

You can also check wholesale liquidation sites like Quicklotz for highly discounted offers and buy stuff in bulk to save money and make great profit.

2. Be polite and strike a rapport with the person in charge.

If you want to get additional discounts, it is important to be polite and build a relationship with the store. If possible, talk to the store manager and ask nicely for a better deal. They often agree to bend a little for your business. Promise to come back later or do your future business with them; follow through with your promise if you are satisfied.

3. Join store loyalty clubs.

Paying to join a loyalty club or become a membership holder in a store might seem extra expense at first, but it always pays off in the long run. Rewards points get added to your account and you also get access to exclusive deals and discounted prices. If you stick with the store, it is bound to pay off.

4. Opt for refurbished products.

Choosing refurbished products over brand new ones might prove to be a boon for you. Often these products are as good as new and come at much lower prices than the new ones. You can get them from trustworthy sites for seller guarantee and get great service without having to stretch your budget.

5. Shop out of season and away from festivities.

It is not a good idea to start your shopping right before the festive season as the prices are higher then, owing to high demand. If you buy the same product some other time of the year, you will get a much better deal. Also, think of buying essential times out of season, like ACs in winter and coats in summer. Prices drop during off-season and you will get great discounts.

6. Buy in bulk or wholesale for better rates.

If you have a big family or as looking to set up a liquidation goods business, try buying goods in bulk to save money. Websites like Quicklotz sell liquidation goods in bulk (pallets, truckloads, boxes, etc.) at highly discounted prices. These goods come from giant e-commerce retailers and have assured quality. Depending on the goods, the prices vary, but all the deals will be very reasonable.

7. Keep track of sales and flash discounts.

If you have been eyeing a product for a long time, make sure you track its price online or in the store. Keep a lookout for sales, both seasonal and flash deals. It may so happen that a gadgetís price drops for a day or few hours. If you are aware of the flash deal, you will get your product at a much cheaper rate. Be the first one in line when a sale starts so that you can get what you need before stocks run out.

8. Donít be shy to haggle, just know when to do it.

If you feel you will be able to reduce a productís price by haggling, make sure you visit the store at a time when your haggling will pay off. Avoid huge crowds as you will not be entertained during a busy hour. Go off-season and at a time when the store will be relatively empty. Strike a pleasant conversation with the store staff but be firm on your quoted price. Chances are, you will get a deal at your price or at least close to it.

9. Request discounts on last season goods or perishable food items.

If you are buying fashion clothing, ask for a discount on last season clothes. If the clothes have been out long enough, you are bound to get a good deal. On food items, if you see that a food or condiment is about to expire, buy it to use immediately. It is easy to get a discount on such stuff as the store will be eager to get them sold before they expire or get spoiled.

10. Donít hesitate to walk away.

At the end of the day, remember that itís your money and you will have to use the product. So, if you think you have not got a proper deal or might find something better elsewhere, donít be shy of walking away just because you are halfway through buying something. Once you start walking away, the store might offer you additional discount. And if not, you are bound to find a similar or better deal in some other place.

Shopping can get very stressful with budget restrictions. Hope our tips to get discounts are helpful for you. Let us know if you have any more ideas!