Top 10 Best Internet Radio Stations of 2012

Here’s a list of some of the internet based best radio stations of the year 2012. Some items given here are HUBS of radio stations where multiple radio channels are available.

The criteria of selection of radio channels to be in this list are, subjective blend of music selection size, and ease of use, friendly navigation, availability, system requirements, and convenience of service.

But, please be informed that Internet radio does not consume significant bandwidth over the hours.

1. Pandora

Itís a kind of music engine with initial level on artificial intelligence. It tracks the music records you follow, and after a particular time-span it starts recommending music to you. The recommendation technique used in Pandora is not so precise but and has a very traditional scope of accuracy. But, even then the Pandora is very popular among users. Especially, if you are an American you should try this at least once. Sorry, Non-American users will be blocked. User agreements are very tough.

2. Spotify

This is undoubtedly the best music service available for the citizens of the countries like, USA, Spain, the UK, and parts of Europe at this time. Sorry, the users other then these countries are not allowed to use this service. Soon, this service is supposed to be expanded in other part of the world.

As for the service itself: Spotify is a fast and reliable radio system that outstrips the competition. The best part of Spotify is that it plays the songs as your personal saved music tracks. It also provides a facility of music recommending tool. It analyzes your music player, your play lists and then suggests you new tracks, top-10 lists, and your friends’ music lists. The search box is very easy to use.

It is free for first six months to be used unlimited. After six months you may subscribe this service for 5$ per month.

3. Grooveshark: Self-Directed Radio

Itís a kind of self-directed radio. In Grooveshark, you are the one who creates your own playlist without being directed by any suggestion of this site. It is not a conventional Internet radio station where a DJ or database designs the playlists. But best of all, thousands of songs are available for you to chose from at Grooveshark. If you give your precious ten-minutes to this site in designing your play list, I am sure you won’t be disappointed. Best of luck.

4. AcousticAlternative.com

Not only Acoustic, but alternative along with, Charlestown, Ska, punk, and other genres are available on this site. This station is not so popular as others, but the listeners of this radio station are extremely satisfied with this station.

5. Canadian Web Radio

This is not a radio station itself, in fact itís a collection of different radio stations of Canada. All those radio stations of Canada that streams their shows on the internet also are listed here. If you are interested in Canada’s radio industry, i.e. what they listen or discuss over radio you may visit here. Check out the music collection of Canadian radio stations here at this site.

6. Maestro.FM

Just like, Last.FM, Maestro.FM is a music social networking site. You may discuss music here, exchange playlists, comments over songs, follow user discussions on music genres, and discover new artists through discussions. You may even store some of your music at their remote storage sites. If you are social networking addict, give this site a try.

7. Nu-Perception Radio

If you like, drum, bass and very hardcore music then you should visit this site for sure. Rave and Trans fans throughout the world gives this site the best attention as their destination for mad beats and hard-driving rhythms.

8. ‘The Inferno’ Radio

This radio station provides a platform to list different genres in just a single playlist. David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Lady Gaga, Kid Rock, Led Zeppelin, Cyndi Lauper… playlists that are compiled by both DJ’s and user music requests. If you have got a wide varied taste of music, itís probably the place you should spend your time.

9. Real Radio

Itís a mixed station for paid and free music. Yeah itís not so typical to find free music and some of them require you to download and install RealPlayer software, but real does offer some solid music choices .The interface is very easy to use. Most of the tracks will be played through your windows media player. Thousands of users bookmark this site for their music passion. At least, pay 30 minutes to try this site.

10. Pirate Radio Network

This radio station offers two different means to stream their music tracks: via web tuner or via a downloadable special player. There are thousands of tracks which can be streamed over this site. If you use a PC, you can even broadcast yourself as a beginner DJ, simply by installing a software package. It’s definitely worth trying if you’ve ever wanted to DJ.

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