Unknown Online Tools to Write Your Term Paper

online tools for writing

There are several challenges that students face when writing their term papers. By understanding these challenges, one can be more prepared to write his or her term paper and have the confidence of successfully submitting a quality work. Knowing how to conduct good research and to locate good information sources is one of the challenges that students face when writing their papers. Another challenge entails development of a strong thesis statement. According to customessayorder.com, students also encounter a challenge in maintaining consistency and coherence throughout their paper.

Thus, this guide provides good tips on how to write a good term paper.

Use of Modern Writing Tools

Writing a good term paper can be an exhausting process and a student may find it challenging to produce quality work. However, there are useful writing tools which can help to remove distractions and to help one to provide quality papers. These tools can help in spell checking, referencing and in making auto corrections.

Correcting Grammar


There are different applications that can help a student to use good grammar in their essay. These applications are mainly available online and help a student to correct grammar once he or she is done with writing the paper. Tools such as Grammarly, and Ginger are just but some of the examples of applications that can help one to correct grammar. These tools are also useful in making sure that the right tenses are used throughout the paper besides ensuring that there are no passive verbs.

Templates and Referencing Tools

When writing a term paper, one may not be sure of how to apply a given format. Luckily, there are tools that one can use to format his or her paper. Templates found online can assist students to format their papers in the stipulated style including but not limited to MLA, APA and Harvard among others. There are thousands of templates which students can access and use to format their papers. Besides the normal Microsoft Word tools, there are other online tools available to students to assist in writing and formatting their papers.

WYSIWYG Displays

Prior to the introduction of WYSIWYG displays, character styles and text formatting had to be done using cryptic codes. Students and other writers found it difficult to use typesetters which were also distractive. The WYSIWYG display popularized by the introduction of personal computers enabled writers to easily and quickly format their text and use different types of styles when writing. Today, there are different word processing tools which can help one to type quickly and edit their work according to the provided instruction. Tools such as Google Docs is very useful for collaboration not to mention that it helps one to save his or her work in the cloud thereby eliminating the risk of losing the work.

Plagiarism Checkers

Plagiarism entails copying the ideas of other people without giving proper credit. This mainly occurs when the student does not give proper citation of sources used when writing a paper. For most institutions, plagiarism is a serious academic crime and attracts serious repercussions, including, but not limited to expulsion. There are various tools that students can use to ensure that their term papers are free from plagiarism. Some institutions have also subscribed to access these tools and demand that students pass their work through them before submitting the final paper. Other tools can also be accessed online, though not all are free to use.

Social Media

Writing an essay can be problematic, especially if it is the first one that a student is completing. Social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter can be very helpful in getting tips on how to write a good term paper. Students can use these platforms to ask questions from practically a large number of people. One can also link with other students through social media as a way of exchanging ideas and gathering information relating to a given topic.

Other Online Assistance

Many critics have instigated online writing services, arguing that they lead to an abuse of academic integrity. However, custom essay writing services can be a tool especially for those who do not have a clue on how to write their paper. Whilst such services offer free essay samples, they help students to get a head start on how to write different papers. This can be useful in completing assignments in later stages of ones academic endeavor.

Other Online Tools

There is a range of online tools that a student may use to write a term paper. Their application is, however, dependent on the device being used and ones knowledge on how to use them. These tools are designed to help with formatting, checking texts for grammar mistakes, plagiarism and referencing. Tools such as Google Scholar are useful when conducting research. There are also a number of online libraries which provide access to numerous research resources and most institutions have subscribed and provide students with access information.


There is a number of challenges that students can face when writing their term papers. They involve formatting, referencing, writing strong thesis statements and maintaining coherence and consistency. There is, however, an array of online tools that can help one to overcome these problems and to produce a quality paper. These tools help in checking texts for grammar mistakes, plagiarism, and formatting. They also provide help in locating updated research resources besides informing the students on how to properly cite their papers.