Tips To Keep Your Bronze Sculptures Looking Nice & Shiny

Bronze Sculptures

If you have a bronze statue that you’ve had for some time or one that you just got lately, understanding how to clean bronze correctly and keeping it as good as possible are both essential duties to master if you want to show it off to other people.

Tips To Keep Your Bronze Sculptures Looking New 

The original look of bronze statuettes can be maintained for longer if correct cleaning procedures are followed. The following helpful hints will teach you how to clean bronze statuettes like an expert.

Place It Well 

Bronze may be strong, but little bronzes frequently feature delicate sculptural detail, and a single blow can cause pieces of the bronze to fall off or shatter. Dents are notoriously difficult to remove successfully. If a statue is placed in a high-traffic location of the home, there is a chance that it may be knocked over and damaged. Drafts also carry outdoor pollutants inside, and humidity will peak and trough more which won’t do your bronzes any good. 

Keep It Clean 

At least once a week, dust the custom bronze statue since the bronze surface might get damaged if there is excessive dust. When dusting the metal statue, use a soft, clean, dry cloth. Dusting your sculpture using a soft cloth, a soft shoe brush, a toothbrush, or the nozzle brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner will allow you to keep it in pristine condition. 

If you keep your figure in the open air, the precipitation, the sun’s rays, and the dust might cause the figurine to lose its shining aspect. If degreasing or more extensive cleaning is necessary, conduct an initial test on a small area by washing it with soap and water. Perform a thorough rinsing, then wait for it to dry completely.

Use Quality Wax

Instead of using waxes or polishes that may include cleaning agents, use waxes or polishes that are inert and do not yellow with time. Applying a very thin coat of wax evenly across the surface with a soft bristle brush and then buffing it with a cloth or another soft bristle brush is recommended. 

In particularly humid environments, it may be necessary to use the product more often. Before polishing, you should give the wax anything from six to twelve hours to settle and dry. If more shine is necessary, the second layer of wax can be applied. Waxing a sculpture more regularly will not hurt it in any way.

Be Cautious 

How you keep your bronze items will affect the overall look of those pieces. The ideal location for the bronze sculpture is shielded from the sun’s rays. If you have work intended to be shown outside, you should arrange it in a spot where it will not be exposed to a significant amount of precipitation. To reduce the likelihood of your item becoming damaged by dampness, try storing it in a shady spot or displaying it on your front porch.

Take Away 

Nothing will endure forever, but if you take adequate care of your bronze sculptures, they might last for a long time. With the help of the information provided above, you will see how long-lasting your bronze figures may be.