Tips To Help You Stay Away From Smoking


Taking on the challenge to attempt to stop smoking is a tough one, but youíve already passed the first step by deciding to take this leap towards a healthier, cigarette-free lifestyle.

Whilst thereís definitely no easy to way to go about kicking the habit for good, there are quite a few different methods that people have found to be beneficial when it comes to quitting smoking.

Itís important to remember that everybody is different and so not every method is going to work for you, but trial and error is key to finding out the best way to pinpoint what helps you and what doesnít. Here are a few suggestions and tips to try out to help make the progress slightly easier.

Create A Support Network

If youíre the type of person who enjoys working alongside others and using a support group to motivate and push you to go further, itís a good idea to establish a support network. Having a friend whoís also trying to stop smoking can work to help you both by facing the challenge together and being the incentive for the other person to combat their cravings.

Working with somebody else or joining a support system means youíre going to have a community that youíre going to be able to rely on and turn to in times when youíd usually turn to having a cigarette.

Eliminate The Triggers

Easier said than done, but a good way to help you stop smoking is to take the necessary steps to avoid what prompts you to smoke in the first place. A lot of the time, people use smoking as a way to alleviate stress, and we know thatís not as simple as getting rid of all the stressful things in your life.

However, if youíre prone to hanging out in social circles where people casually smoke or you find yourself taking smoke breaks with your coworkers, you can try to remove yourself from those environments thatíll only tempt you further.

Try Using Quit Smoking Apps

With technology as extensive as it is, thereís now a range of apps that a lot of people have recommended when it comes to kicking the habit of smoking. Not only does an app allow you to visualize your progress, the software can also help you set goals and rewards for yourself, along with personalized reminders to keep you motivated.

Apps such as LIVESTRONG MyQuit Coach also enable you to take different approaches to how you quit Ė whether youíd prefer to go cold turkey or gradually reduce your cigarette usage.


If you donít already have a regular exercise regime, it may be a good idea to develop and stick to one. Whilst itís understandable that not everybody enjoys working out regularly, exercise has been proven to be a good way to resist the cravings that come with trying to quit smoking. By keeping your mind and your body busy, youíll be able to keep your thoughts away from turning to a cigarette. The exercise doesnít need to be vigorous either Ė find what you prefer and focus on that, whether it be horse riding, a brisk walk, or just a short swim.

Ease Out of Smoking with Vaping

Vaping quickly grew into popularity in the last 10 years because itís great alternative to smoking. Not only is it healthier for you, but there are tons of great tasting e-liquid flavors, and it can even help you quit smoking.

Vaping allows you to control the amount of nicotine you consume, while you slowly ease yourself off the need. While studies there are studies pointing both ways, as to if vaping really helps you quit smoking, itís a great place to start if youíre ready.

The habit of smoking is one thatís tough to kick and there will often be times where youíll feel as if youíve had a setback. However, trying out different methods of quitting will help you pinpoint which is best suited to you to help you achieve your goal of a healthier lifestyle sooner.