Tips to Choose the Right Parenting Control App

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Nearly all parents or guardians in the 21st century are concerned about the interactions between their minors and different digital equipment, including mobile devices, video players, and the internet. 

If you wish to join the teeming number of parents who use parental control applications to monitor what their kids do, you need some basic knowledge.

There are some things you must know, mainly just what parental control entails. With the parental control app, you can monitor what your child watches, how long they spend on their devices, and also filter or restrict the content they get exposed to. 

If you are considering a parental control app for your minors, there are some things you must know to guide you in searching. You can check out Family Orbit guide to Android monitoring apps. Additionally, we have put together the most important factors to consider:

What applications can the parental control monitor?

Different parental control applications have a list of apps they can monitor, so you must confirm whether your software can control the applications you want to watch.

Consider popular social media applications such as Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, and other messaging apps. You should also look into dating apps as well and find the software that can monitor them.

What device is it compatible with?

Aside from the particular application, you should also ensure the parental control software is compatible with the device you are using it on.

In such a case, you should consider all the devices your minor uses and their operating system. 

Although operating systems like IOS, macOS, and Windows have in-built parental control software, they donít have all the features external software has. However, they can operate on a deeper level.

On the other hand, third party control software has many features but can face hindrances as a result of the operating system.  

What browser is it compatible with?

It is best to get an app that works with as many browsers as possible, especially the popular ones. If you get a parental control app that works with only one or two browsers, your kids will simply use a different browser, and your software might be unable to control their activity.

How does its Screen time control work?

When it comes to screen time control, some parental control apps have a different system than others. 

For some software, you can schedule when the internet or some applications can be used and not. For others, you can simply prevent or allow an application to be used. 

Select control software that is compatible with the level of control you want to have.

Does it come with the location tracking feature?

Some parental control apps can track your minorís location while some cannot. So you need to make sure that your control software has the function to track location. 

When choosing an app, ensure that it can track and share locations and make sure you are the only one authorized to assess their position, unless you allow someone to access it. 

How often do I want to be alerted about my minorís activity?

You can decide how you want the app to monitor your childís activity, how often you want to be alerted about their unauthorized activities. You can choose to set up an instant report, or a frequent report of all activities within a time frame.