Tips to choose the Best Website Builders


Nowadays when you are running a business, it gets very important to have a professional website. If you are a non-techie and you get overwhelmed with complexities involved in the process, then this article is for you. Web designing looks complex, and it’s very easy to get intimidated with the coding involved.

Here is good news, you don’t have to learn or understand the complicated codes and web designing principles these days for creating a professional website. There are website builders to make the entire process simple. Even a complete newbie can easily create a website with the help of a website builder. Best website builders offer many templates and features which can help you in creating the unique and eye capturing website. Now you don’t have to scratch your head and spend a lot of time in learning the complexities of the website building.

If you don’t own a website yet, consider that you are losing many sales on a daily basis for your business. This article here will provide you with some tips that will help you in choosing the right website builder for your website. There are few things to remember in order to make the right decision in choosing the right website builder for you:

  • Frame your budget – The most important thing before diving in website making process is to determine how much you can afford. Count all the expenses that you think are going to affect your budget. Making a website needs amount for domain registration and hosting. You will also need to buy images for your website which will add up on your expenses.

There are so many website builders which offer you free plans, but most of the website builders charge between 6 to 40 dollars.

  • Prioritize your needs– Before investing in a website, you should know what you want to do with your website. This way you will come to know what your priorities are and what you should look for. There are a few questions that you should ask from yourself before investing in a website builder. The very first question should be how much designing you know. Most website builders are designed in such a way that even a layman can use it perfectly. But some are even easier than the others. The website builder that offers you drop and design feature is best if you are a complete novice.

Another good question to ask is how many options you want to have in your hands. If you are a person who needs a lot of flexibility and options, then you should select a website builder which has many templates and editing options. With them, you can change your website extensively.

Things are quite different if you have an online store. For an e-commerce website, you will need to design a checkout function and shopping cart. You will need to design your website such that it leads to people to make a purchase. This would need different templates and features. 

Another important question to consider is which media you will need to include on your website. You should know in advance what your e-commerce website will include – a video, a map, a blog or a photo gallery. You need to ensure that your website supports the content formats that you want to include in it.

You would also need to make your website mobile friendly so ensure that the website builder you want to work with offers mobile responsive websites.

  • A number of themes – Too limited themes can fetter your website designing experience, so it gets necessary that you invest in a website builder which offers you a vast number of themes so that you can easily find the one theme which can become a baseline for your website. If you select the right theme for your website, everything else will become very easy.
  • Easy to use –Building a website through a website builder is a lot easier than coding and programming, but they all are not equally easy. As mentioned earlier, you should try for the drag and drop functionality. A website builder which has intuitive and easy to use editor is the best choice that you can make. You can also build a better website reading ‘How to guides’ on Metapress.
  • Don’t miss out on SEO – You want people to find out your website because that is the only purpose why you should have a website in the first place. A good website builder will have an SEO feature which will make on-site optimization simple. Your website builder should be such that you can easily update the SEO Meta elements and submit the sitemap to search engines.

Each website builder has its own unique features, and it majorly depends on you which website builder you choose considering the features and functionality that you prefer. By testing each website builder, you can easily select and create a beautiful website for your business.