Tips on How to Upgrade Your Kids’ Artwork


Kids doodle and draw just about anything they fancy. And a lot of the time their drawings clutter the house, especially the fridge door. Your kids may not want to throw away their old drawings, and that is fine because now you can make something of them that all of you will love.

If you have creative and talented kids who make a ton of artwork and drawings, here are some ideas on what to make of them.

Make them into sentimental pieces of jewellery

Believe it or not, you can now make your kids’ artwork into beautiful pieces of jewellery, such as a necklace or pendant. Jewelry from childrens artwork is one of the best accessories you can wear with almost any outfit. You have something close to you that your kids made. It is one way of immortalising your kids’ creativity. Bring your favourite creation to a jeweller, and they will make a drawing into a beautiful piece of jewellery, whether it is a ring, a necklace, brooch or bracelet.

Frame their artwork

If you have a lot of wall and cabinet space to display your kids’ artwork, frame them. Let your kids pick the frames and showcase them in any area of the house. The fridge door is no longer the only area where they can show their artwork. The whole house is their museum! Your kids will feel important and confident in their talent if you support them this way.

Turn them into a fun shirt design

A personalised shirt for every member of the family on special occasions is all the rage these days. Up the ante on your family’s shirt game by printing your kids’ artwork on the shirts. Do away with the usual shirt designs that a lot of other people may have. With your kids’ artwork, your family will have a unique collection of cute shirts.

Give them away as gifts

If your kids have excellent talent in art, they can make drawings of people that they will give a gift to. You can frame them and give them away as gifts at Christmas, on birthdays and other occasions. A personalised gift that does not cost much is way better than an expensive and neutral one.

Use them as gift wraps

Wrapping gifts in kids’ artwork is a creative spin on gift wrapping, especially for Christmas. Keep the best ones instead of tossing them into the trash, and when Christmas time comes, and the chore of wrapping gifts for every member of the family and friend comes around, you have free wraps to use. Not only doing so is economical, but the personal touch to the gift will make the receiver happy.

Supporting your kids’ hobby is one way of showing them your love and support. Yes, it may cause clutter in the house sometimes, but if your kids see that you appreciate their efforts in making cute artworks by repurposing them, it will encourage them to make better ones to give to you.

Image Credits: Artwork from s_oleg /Shutterstock