Tips of the Loveliest Ideas for the Mother of the Bride

Mother of the Bride

Weddings are loved and cherished by everyone in the family. But as a mother of the bride, you have more responsibilities on your shoulder. You want everything perfect for your girl and yourself and hence we’re here to help. Read the following essential tips to ace every element of your child’s big day.

1. Mother of the Bride Shops First:

As per ritual, mother of the bride gets to choose from the different mother of the bride dresses first. Once she finalizes her look, the mother of the groom can select attire for herself. You can use this opportunity to bond with your daughter’s mom-in-law and go shopping with her.

2. The Length Should Be Coordinated:

The length of the dress worn by the mother of the bride and groom should be coordinated. This brings in a lot of harmony in the wedding picture. Along with that, moms can venture into short mother of the bride dresses. They look very flattering if styled properly.

3. Match with the ‘Maids:

Coordinating your daughter’s bridesmaid seems to make a lot of tones come together at the wedding. So you need to carry swatches of their decided dress shade when going dress shopping. You should also be in harmony to the wedding’s theme and décor.

4. Shop at Specialty Stores:

There are many stores offering the services of wedding gowns amongst other things. But it is better if you drop by at a specialty store that specifically serves the purpose of white weddings. Stores usually have an assortment of collection for the mother of the bride dresses.

5. Find Affordable Designers:

Designer clothes are known to burn a hole in your pocket which is why the mother of the brides shies away from them. However, there are several local and affordable designers which are excellent at what they do. Some local designers specialize in creating the short mother of the bride’s dresses.

6. Comfort is Prior:

A pro tip for when the mother is shopping for herself is that keep comfort over everything. The amount of effort put in the by the mother of the bride is unmatchable. You have to be on your toes and run around to check on everything. Hence, choose comfortable attire which can allow you free flow.

7. Black & White is Risky:

Colors like black and white are considered risky in white weddings. As black is too extreme and may put off the entire mood of the wedding. And white or ivory is the bride’s color and you don’t want to divide the spotlight. Hence, before opting for these two shades, get a confirmation from the bride first.

8. Understated is the Best:

Bling and everything seems really eye-catching and may take away the attention from the bride. And of course, we want the bride to be the center of the focus. Hence take it easy on the sparkles and bling. Instead, have a more graceful and sophisticated color palette for your attire.


Fashion rules don’t necessarily have to apply. Eventually, all that matters is your happiness. So let nothing come in the way of your happiness.

Image Credits: Mother of the Bride from dubasyk/Shutterstock