3 Tips to Make You Feel More Confident When Speaking in Public

Speaking in Public

Although many people wouldn’t admit it, a majority of the population struggle with exuding confidence- especially in public. While the reasons for this may vary from individual to individual, it is clear we all may have needed help feeling more confident at one point or another in our lives.

There are many simple tricks that you can use to boost your confidence, especially when speaking in public. There are the age-old tricks such as picturing your audience in their underwear or using short notes to carry you through your presentation. On the other hand, there are the more obvious tricks such as:

1. Dress to impress

It has been scientifically proven that dressing well will automatically give your confidence a big boost. Also, when you are dressed well, you will look and feel more professional.

Dressing well will also help you to avoid second-guessing yourself. Often, when we are in public, we get wrapped up wondering if people are judging us for the way we are dressed. Unknown to us, these people are also wrapped up wondering what you are thinking of them.

In short, no one really notices you as much as you think they do. Therefore, just dress well and just be confident.

2. Stand tall

 According to social psychologists, your posture can also increase the confidence-boosting testosterone hormones in your body. This means just by simple standing tall, you can trick your mind and body into feeling more confident and achieving more.  As you probably know, tall, correct posture is the hallmark of the outer sign of confidence.

Tall and expansive postures will make you act confident too. Instead of standing with an awkward posture, try standing with your back and neck straight and have your arms relaxed by your side. Another important aspect of posture is eye contact. When you speak, maintain a steady gaze that is neither too intense nor too intimidating.

3. Smile

When we smile, we exude confidence and radiate warmth to the people around us. Smiling also makes us more approachable and easy to interact with. In fact, a recent scientific study discovered that people who smile are often perceived to be more confident, professional and even more attractive.

How can you get a bright smile?

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In conclusion, confidence is built over time. You can improve your confidence by encouraging yourself and giving yourself positive feedbacks. You should also remember that you are not the only one struggling to feel confident. The truth is, there are very many people who are struggling as well. They just do a good job of hiding it just like you.