5 Easy to Follow Tips for Smartphone Charging

If you are irritating with the consumption for your phone charging. Then this article will surely help you.

If your mobile phone takes too much time to charge then, you can adopt the following methods to increase the speed of your Smartphone charging. Here we are providing you five tips to improve the charging speed of your phone.

1. USB Cable

First you need to check your USB cable. Do not use cheap charging wire. Once check this then you also need to check the the place where the phone cable joins to the charger is ok or not.

2. Check the power of charger

Normal Smartphone’s Charger rates five Watts. However, the latest Smartphone needs more Watts. The charger that charges fast, their rating is 10-12 Watt. Means, it is clear that the time that your normal phone charger takes to charge your Smartphone, in its half timing the fast charger will charge your Smartphone. So, surely check the rating.

3. Say no to wireless charger

The rating of a wireless charger is of five Watts. So, if you want to charge your phone fast through the wireless charger, then it is not a smart idea.

4. Do not charge your phone through laptop

Charging your phone from the laptop is also a time consuming process. It is because it works equals a half Watt charger. So, The mobile charges very slowly. If you have USB 3 charger, then it works equivalent to nearly four and a half Watts charger.

5. During Purchasing Power Bank

If you use Power Bank to charge your phone, then it is important to give your consideration to the rating. If you use both a Tablet and a Smartphone, then you need to purchase the power Bank whose rating is more, and it can charge two devices at a time.

These tips will surely help you to increase the Charging Speed of your phone.