Tips for Choosing the Right Gift for a Teenager


When you go to buy gifts for a teenager, you tend to fall into a great dilemma. Buying the right gift for a teenager becomes a challenging task. But if you get to know the teenager’s interest and personality then the choice of gift becomes much easier. Teenagers are coming of age, so chances are that they tend to like things which allow them to enjoy their freedom. Some of the ways to know the teenager are discussed below.

  • If you find a chance, ask the teenager about his interests. For example, what are their hobbies or what are they passionate about, what they like to do on the weekend and try looking for the clues. If the teenager is your niece or nephew, you can definitely visit your sister or brother-in-law’s house.
  • Do not ask simple one-word questions. Answers in yes or no can make your work difficult. Try to avoid the one-way conversation.
  • You can look into their social media account to find their interests. For example, if his Instagram posts are all about video games then buying him a video game would be the better option.
  • You can directly ask their parents so that they might help you to pick up the right gift for their child.

Before you go to purchase the gift, always remember the below-mentioned points:

  1. Try to make a list. The list should contain all the items that you researched about the teenager’s interests, personality and style. For example, if he/she loves watching movies, you can pay for a one-year Netflix subscription. You can pick any one of the items present in your list or combine a few.
  2. Another way to decide the gift can be by looking back at your interests when you were a teenager.
  3. You can search the internet for gift ideas and suggestions. Deal Voucherz gives you exciting offers and discounts on gifts for teenagers as well as make your choice easier.

Top gifting options for teens:

  1. Teenagers love to eat. As a birthday gift, you can bake some treats such as brownies, cupcakes or flapjacks. This would not only show your effort but also, they can share their treat with their friends. If you are unsure about what to gift, you can always choose to do something like this. This makes it a little informal and you won’t look overbearing too.
  2. If you know a teenager who is sport enthusiast, gifting those vouchers could be a great option. Online sites come up with some exciting sport and fashion vouchers. The fashion follower teens would appreciate your effort as they could afford something useful from the coupons that you gifted them.
  3. If you know the teen well, you can definitely make something personal as their gift. Always remember that giving something which is useful is more important than just materialistic gifts. Some of the handmade gifts include a framed photograph or a collage of pictures, a handwritten letter about your hopes for them. Let them know that you are proud of their accomplishments or explain how you felt when they were born. A handmade voucher could be a better option so that you can spend time together the next time you both meet. This will not only make them feel special but also cost you less money.
  4. Try to avoid buying clothes as a teenager’s gift. Unless you know precisely what they want, do not go for the clothes option. There are teenager’s group who won’t even wear the dress for a once if it doesn’t look good on them. The fitting of the suit may turn out to be an issue for most of the teen. It may get too small or too big a size which could create an offence for them. Instead, buy them vouchers from reliable online sites if they love clothes.
  5. If you can’t find the perfect gift for a teen that is 9 to 11 years old, you can always go for the video game option. You can also give them board games in junior versions such as Quoridor Kid, kids of Catan, etc. traditional games such as chess, solitaire, cards also make a great gift options for the teen.

If you are still confused about what to gift, you can opt for a cash gift because money is always a safe bet. They can use that money to buy themselves what they want or like.

Image Credits: Gift from Julia Sudnitskaya/Shutterstock