Time-saving Tips For Busy Fishkeeping Moms

Fishkeeping Moms

If you have a family and a busy home to run, you may think that keeping a fish tank is out of the question. You simply wonít have the time, right? Well, think again! In this article, we share with you some top tips on how you can save time on tank maintenance while making sure that your familyís pet fishes still enjoy the care that they need to thrive.

Choose A Large Tank

You may think that a small tank means less work, but thatís not the case. Larger tanks are much easier and quicker to maintain than small ones. Thatís because the greater water volume means that the temperature and water chemistry is more likely to remain stable, and the ecosystem within the tank will be more efficient.

So, when choosing your new aquarium, always go for the largest one that you can comfortably accommodate in your home.

Over-filter Your Tank

One way in which you can save yourself a ton of work is by using a proper filtration system. When choosing a filter for your aquarium, you should look for one that cycles the water in the tank at least four times every hour. However, you can keep maintenance much lower if you pick a filter thatís designed for use in a bigger tank. Basically, the more efficient the filtration of the tank, the less work you will need to do to keep the water safe and clean for your fish.

Use a filtration system that has mechanical, chemical, and biological components. That type of system not only ensures a good flow throughout the tank, helping to oxygenate the water for the fish and plants, but it also improves water quality by removing harmful heavy metals, nitrites, and nitrate that are produced as part of the natural nitrogen cycle in the tank.

The more efficient the filter system, the less frequently youíll need to carry out water changes.

Avoid Overstocking Your Aquarium

The more fish that you have in your tank, the harder your filtration system has to work to keep the water clean and safe for your fish. A crowded tank also means that youíll need to carry out more partial water changes and substrate vacuuming tasks, both of which take time.

When you carry out partial water changes, use the water for your houseplants. They will love the extra nutrients, youíre being eco-conscious by repurposing water, and youíre doing two jobs at once!

Use Lots Of Live Plants

Although itís true to say that living plants do require some maintenance, they can also help to reduce the amount of time that you spend on tank cleaning.

Living plants use fish waste as a natural fertilizer, and they also remove harmful nitrates from the water column. If you have an efficient filtration system and plenty of plants in your tank, you may only need to top up the tank with fresh water every couple of weeks.

Live plants also suck up all the nutrients that algae need, effectively crowding out the slimy green stuff. So, the dream team of plants and clean-up creatures will help to keep your tank free from algae too.

Keep A Clean-up Crew

Adding a clean-up crew of creatures that eat algae, leftover food, and general detritus can help to reduce the amount of cleaning that the tank requires. Mystery snails, Amano shrimp, and ghost shrimp can do the job for you.

Choose Fish Species Carefully

Some fish species are dirtier than others and, therefore, require more upkeep. For example, although goldfish are extremely popular pets, they are incredibly dirty fish that generate a lot of waste. That means more clean-up work for you!

So, choose species that are small and easy to care for such as tetras, gouramis, and platys and which donít grow to be so big that the tank gets overcrowded.

Use An Automatic Fish Feeder

If youíre busy cooking meals and feeding your family, using an automatic fish feeder can mean that you have one less mealtime to think about. Automatic feeding units enable you to preload a food hopper and set a timer so that the device dispenses a set amount of food for your fish at a preset time. Simply fill the hopper at the beginning of the week, set the timer, and forget it.

Donít Overfeed Your Fish

Donít overfeed your fish!

Many people give their fish more food than their pets really need. Uneaten food finishes up going to waste and polluting the tank water, making more work for you to clean up.

Final Thoughts

You can enjoy the delights of a beautiful home aquarium as the focal point of your living room without the need to spend hours on maintenance.

Follow our time-saving tips to give you the extra time that you need to pursue your fish keeping passion without compromising on those all-important hours that you want to enjoy with your nearest and dearest.