TikTok: Plans a ‘major push’ into gaming and game Live Streamers

TikTok is testing fun for the app in Vietnam ahead of a “major push” into the space. A company representative authorized tests of HTML5 mini-games, saying, “We’re always glancing at ways to enrich the platform and regularly test new components and integrations that get value to our community.”

TikTok reportedly schedules a ‘major push’ into gaming and games live streamers could play with viewers.

The outlet’s sources tell the plan is for ad-supported games that pull from the library of its parent company, ByteDance, which could promote revenue and improve the amount of time people pay on the TikTok app.

TikTok has already pushed at least one in-app mini-game, as it got together with Feeding America to make Garden of Good a FarmVille-like experience where players could earn points and use them to donate.

It also announced a collaboration with FarmVille developer Zynga late last year to create Disco Loco 3D, an HTML5-based endless runner that could function inside the app. Still, new reports indicate that TikTok’s gaming ambitions are just the start.

The Chinese predecessor to TikTok, Douyin, already features games, and other institutions like Facebook and Netflix have recently made forays into mobile gaming. TikTok has also tested streaming software for fun with its Live Studio for PCs and allowed specific creators to add more interactivity by including mini-apps in videos.

The product intelligence firm Watchful says TikTok is working on several features for live streaming. They include games to help streamers enthrall viewers, including a Pictionary-like match, a “treasure box” gifting experience that doled out coins to random viewers after a set period, and a shopping experience allowing viewers to browse through products from a Livestream.

FarmVille is a sequence of agriculture-simulation social network games developed and published by Zynga in 2009. It is equivalent to Happy Farm and Farm Town.

Its gameplay affects various aspects of farmland management, like plowing land, growing, planting, and harvesting crops, harvesting trees, and increasing livestock. The sequence FarmVille 2 and FarmVille 3 were discharged in September 2012 and November 2021.

The game was an Adobe Flash application via Facebook and Microsoft’s MSN Games via the social networking website. It was previously known as a mobile app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad for a short period in 2010.

The game was free-to-play; however, players are prompted to spend Farm Cash or Farm Bucks, which are buyable with real-world money, to progress fast within the game.

After embarking on Facebook in 2009, FarmVille became the most popular game and held that position for over two years. In March 2010, the fun had 83.76 million monthly active users at its peak. Day-to-day active users peaked at 34.5 million. After 2011, the fun began experiencing a considerable decline in popularity.

By May 2012, the game was ranked the seventh most popular Facebook game. As of April 30, 2016, its status had fallen to the 110th most famous Facebook game as measured by daily active users, while FarmVille 2 had climbed to 42.

On September 27, 2020, Zynga reported discontinuing the first FarmVille on Facebook on December 31, 2020. Facebook was to stop supporting games heading on Flash Player—required by FarmVille—on that day. Following the existing FarmVille 2, FarmVille 3 focuses on mobile devices.