Through the rain with style

Autumn can be a tricky time as far as dress codes go. The unpredictable and changing weather can leave you with a tough decision on how to dress appropriately. To ensure you don’t get caught out in the weather, it’s vital that you wear or carry a trusty raincoat.

Raincoats are a practical solution for wet weather, but it’s important that you look stylish and suitable for whatever occasion. That’s why we’ve put together a handy style guide on how to pick the perfect raincoat for autumn, as well as some do’s and don’t for the rest of your wardrobe. These simple upgrades will take your look to the next level!

How to pick the perfect raincoat

It’s likely you’ll be wearing your raincoat most of the time on your commute to work. It’s important to think of the right style of coat that fits your profession. If you’re an esteemed lawyer heading to court, you’re more likely to pick a waterproof trench coat over an outdoor breathable jacket. Whereas if your dress code at work isn’t that strict, you can opt for something more casual.

Next, you need to think about colour. In spring and summer, bright colours and floral patterns are a must, but come autumn you need to tone it down. As the temperature cools, they begin to look out of place and odd. They’re inappropriate for an increasingly grey environment. Instead, opt for more neutral, darker shades, such as grey, black or maroon

Material is also very important. As stylish as they may look, coats without some sort of waterproof protection can leave you drenched when the heavens open. You want to make sure you pick a raincoat that protects you from the elements, including the cool wind. Most good working raincoats tend to contain synthetic fabrics, like nylon or polyester, that are blended with cotton for water resistance. They’re usually lightweight and perfect for packing into a briefcase or bag.

Do’s and don’ts of an Autumn wardrobe

Once you’ve picked your perfect raincoat, you can begin to style the rest of your autumn outfit around it. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to help you out.

Don’t wear white trainers

White trainers are great for a summer look, especially on a hot summer’s day. In autumn, the likelihood of rain increases, and unfortunately, white trainers don’t mix well with colder, wetter months. They’re more likely to get dirty, stained or wrecked from muddy puddles caused by rain, and sometimes even snow! Avoid them like the plague.

Do wear a pair of sturdy boots

A good pair of sturdy, well-made boots will be able to tackle moisture and the colder weather with ease! Not only do they look stylish, but they’ll keep your feet warm as well as dry, which is one of the most important things!

Do layer up

Autumn weather is unpredictable, that’s why you should make sure you layer your outfit with t-shirts, plaid shirts and jumpers so you can add and take off as the temperature changes.

Don’t wear light fabrics like linen

The heat of summer has come and gone, so avoid thin materials like linen for autumn. Otherwise, you might find yourself feeling the wind chill a bit too much!

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